T 10 League Points Table 2023

I Will discuss the t 10 league points table 2023 in complete detail, such as after the match to match the position and the run rate of each of the teams in the T10 league.

As all of you know in this T10 league, a total of 8 teams contributed and each team played six matches total with each other, the points table of the T10 cricket league.

T10 League Points Table

Here in this section, I will describe T’s 10 points table in full detail as explained below.

Team                          T-M      W          L          T      Points

Maratha Arabians        01         00         01         00          00

Karnataka Tuskers      xx          xx         xx          xx           xx

Northern Warriors      02          01         01        00           02

Team Abu Dhabi          01         00        00          01           01

Delhi Bulls                    02          01         01         00          02

Deccan Gladiators      02         01         01          00          02

Bengal Tigers               xx          xx         xx           xx            xx

Qalandars                     02         01         00         01            03

As all of you see in the above t 10 points table, to discuss the short word that is used in the points table and how distributed…

  • T-M mean Total match ( each team played 6 matches )
  • means Win (means any team Win then gets 2 Points )
  • means Loss (means any team lost the match & gets -2 points)
  • R-R means the run rate of each and every team that’s performing in this t-10 league.
  • means points when a team wins and gets 2 points and if loses then not get points

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