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Ubaid Shah opens up about his art

Ubaid Shah, the younger brother of Pakistan Test star Naseem Shah, is causing an uproar in the cricketing world with his pace and energy. Born and nurtured in the Lower Dir mountains, Ubaid’s cricketing career began among the magnificent scenery that inspired a love of the game. Like many others, cricket heroes on national TV inspired him. And this inspired him to make a name for himself in the sport.

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Ubaid’s overall journey to this date

In quest of his cricketing goals, Ubaid relocated from the scenic Lower Dir to Lahore, Pakistan’s busy cricket capital. His path matches those of his brothers, Naseem and Hunain Shah. The jump from village tape-ball games to professional cricket was difficult, but Ubaid’s enthusiasm for the game drove him forward.

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Ubaid’s entry into professional cricket proved inspiring. In eight one-day games for Pakistan U19, he has taken 19 wickets. Notably, he has not gone wicketless in any of these contests, demonstrating his persistent effect on the field.

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Ubaid’s path took a significant turn when he gained his father’s trust, who permitted him to relocate to Lahore for professional training. Given a year to establish his worth, Ubaid seized the chance. Beginning with Central Punjab U16, he rapidly advanced to the U19 circuit, demonstrating his talent and dedication to the game.

Naseem Shah taught him a lot

Ubaid draws inspiration from cricketing greats and praises James Anderson’s Test bowling. Furthermore, having Naseem Shah as a brother gives him outstanding knowledge and guidance on fast bowling. The brother duo frequently chats about the technical aspects of the profession, with a special emphasis on in-swing and outswing techniques.

Concluding remarks

Ubaid is keen to make the most on South Africa’s World Cup conditions. He feels the squad can do well since it has a good batting order to back the bowling unit. Based on their success in the Asia Cup, where they got wickets at regular intervals, Ubaid Shah feels optimistic about the U19 team’s chances in the upcoming World Cup.

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