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Ubaid Shah takes on the challenge

Ubaid Shah is an exciting addition to Islamabad United. Most people speculate that Naseem’s presence in the franchise has led to his brothers joining. However, this is far from the truth. Ubaid’s performance in the recent U19 Cricket World Cup is a testament to his skill and expertise. At such a young age, he is showing the intent. And this leads to our topic today. The young lad is eyeing some big guns. He is eyeing Babar’s wicket in HBL PSL 9. Do you want to know more? Continue reading then.

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Ubaid’s goals this year

Just 18 years old, Ubaid Shah has recently joined Islamabad United for the 2018 PSL season. Following a practice session with the squad, he talked with the media about his excitement for the new chance. He brazenly stated his intention to take out great batters like Babar Azam during the matches.

Ubaid is not afraid to set ambitious goals for himself. He’s determined to take on the challenge of bowling against top-tier batsmen in the PSL.

He knows it won’t be easy, but he’s determined to do his best for Islamabad United. Despite the strain of playing at such a high level, Ubaid is optimistic due to the team’s supporting environment created by coach Mike Hesson and captain Shadab Khan.

He is encouraged by their trust in him, allowing him to concentrate on his game without being afraid.

Like many young cricketers, Ubaid aspires to represent his country on the international scene. He works hard every day to make his goal a reality.

Whether it’s a Test, One Day International, or a T20 game, Ubaid is anxious to put on the Pakistan shirt and make his imprint.

Ubaid recently had a fantastic stay at the U19 World Cup, taking the most wickets for Pakistan. This accomplishment has inspired him even more to continue growing and aiming for perfection in his cricketing career.

Support from Naseem

What distinguishes Ubaid is his relationship with his brothers, Naseem Shah and Hunain Shah, who are also members of Islamabad United.

Ubaid stated how much he enjoys bowling alongside Naseem, whom he considers a mentor. He added that Naseem’s coaching during practice sessions had been extremely beneficial in enhancing his bowling abilities.

Concluding remarks

Ubaid Shah’s cricket career is only beginning, but he’s already causing headlines with his talent and tenacity. As he takes the field for Islamabad United in the PSL and beyond, Ubaid’s narrative offers hope and motivation to young cricketers everywhere. With hard effort and the backing of his team, Ubaid is prepared to face any obstacle that comes his way.

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