Virat Kohli’s ODI record against Pakistan

Virat Kohli is going to be a crucial player for India against Pakistan. While all the cricket fans in the world admire the talent of this player, he has been effective, particularly against Pakistan. In this article, we will try to see his stats against Pakistan in the ODI format so far.

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So far, Virat has played 13 ODI matches against Pakistan. While it is such a bummer that we couldn’t see him more in such scenarios, his batting prowess truly blossoms when he is in a high-stakes match.

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Here are the detailed stats.

Average 48.74
Highest score183
Strike rate96.22

The average against Pakistan is pretty good because the strike rate is 96. The conversion rate is also good since he has two 100s and 50

His highest score against Pakistan is 183. This came at a crucial moment when India needed him to perform.

Will he be able to repeat those heroics? Let’s watch this game to know the whole story.

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