Will Pakistan host ICC Champion’s trophy?

Is India trying to rob Pakistan of the hosting rights to the Champions Trophy 2025? If you have not been living under a rock lately, you must know the recent fiasco between BCCI and PCB regarding the hosting of Asia Cup 2023. India doesn’t want to play in Pakistan, while Pakistan has threatened to pull out of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. This has caused a split in the international cricket community.

But this is not the end; India may also be trying to take away Pakistan’s hosting rights for the ICC Champions Trophy. In this news story, we will tell you about the latest progress regarding the Champions Trophy. So keep reading.

Will Pakistan be able to Host ICC Champions Trophy 2025?

Earlier, an ICC delegation came to Pakistan, and they deemed it fit to host the ICC Champions Trophy that will be played in 2025. This meant things would finally go in the right direction after a long break in Pakistan. After the attack on Sri Lankan Team, the international teams didn’t come to Pakistan for a long time. That also meant that Pakistan was also not hosting any tournaments.

This also meant that Pakistan Cricket Board could not host their own Pakistan Super League in their home turf. But gradually, the PCB made things right. Teams started to visit Pakistan and hosted PSL in Pakistani stadiums.

Now, it was time to host the tournaments. And ICC’s team giving Pakistan a green signal regarding the Champions trophy meant a lot for the fans and cricket in Pakistan. But things took a drastic turn from here.

BCCI decided not to visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup. This started a brawl, which we will explain further in this article, so keep reading if you want to know more.

Why is India trying to take the hosting away from Pakistan?

As we told you in the previous section, BCCI has decided not to play in Pakistan. At first, they gave why they didn’t have clearance from the Indian government. This meant that they would not be able to play the Asia Cup on Pakistani soil.

Pakistan tried to mend the situation by offering the hybrid model, but BCCI has also rejected that. This means that the main reason for them not being willing to play in Pakistan has everything to do with politics.

To take away their hosting rights, they have also done lobbying with other ACC members. In response, Pakistan has also threatened to withdraw from the Cricket World Cup 2023.

If we keep this current scenario in mind, it is for sure that India will also not let Pakistan host the Champions Trophy, which involves the ICC. BCCI will leave no stone unturned to see that Pakistan doesn’t host this ICC event, as they are the primary stakeholder in the ICC. Hence, it is up to the ICC to look for a solution.


What is the possible solution?

The ICC members will try to mediate between both BCCI and PCB. They will try to persuade PCB not to insist on hosting the Asia Cup based on their Hybrid model. This means Pakistan may have to give up on the Asia Cup this time.

But, the threat of the Pakistani team pulling out of the world cup remains the same. That is why ICC needs to have some bargaining chip to use in the negotiation. In our opinion, the Champions trophy may be that bargaining chip.

Right now, PCB and BCCI have to take each move cautiously. This is because any misstep can divide the entire cricket community.

Final words – Cricket has to win

We will end this article with the final note that “Cricket has to win.” It is appalling that BCCI has involved politics in the game. Whatever happens, if the “might is right” trope is successfully used once, the other boards have to understand that they may be the next target. For cricket to win, the international community must stand up and fight for what is right. Only that way we can see our beloved sports winning. India and Pakistan have to resolve this issue to protect the spirit of cricket. This is a gentlemen’s game, let’s fix it and not turn it into a sticky situation.

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