41% boost in the International Media Rights of HBL PSL in 21 days

PCB sold the international media rights for HBL PSL on 10 January 2024 to the TransGroup FZE, while they sold the regional media rights to ARY. Since the TransGroup has acquired the international media rights for HBL PSL for this year and the next, there has been a significant increase in the value of these media rights. It is all due to an increase in the value of PSL all these years. In this article, we will talk about what this boost means.

41 % increase in the value of International Media Rights

Several large media corporations bid for the international media rights of HBL PSL for the 9th and 10th editions. These included WillowTV, SuperSport, Flow Sports, ARY, and IMC. However, TransGroup FZE was successful in acquiring these rights. Since then, there has been a 41% increase in the value of HBL PSL’s international media rights. Keep in mind that they have seen this result within 21 days of signing this deal. This means the value and popularity of HBL PSL has skyrocketed in the international market. It also means that PSL has made its name in the hearts of international cricket fans as a major cricket brand.

A few words from stakeholders

The stakeholders had a lot of good things to say about this development. Mrs Naila Bhatti emphasized the importance of PSL. She claimed that this increase in media rights indicates that PSL is gaining popularity with each passing day, and it is the same case with its popularity in Pakistan.

P.S. A lot of readers ask us about PSL tickets. While PCB is yet to announce that, it shows how crazy people are for the Pakistan Super League.

Rao Usman Hashim, the COO of TransGroup was very proud of this moment. He strived to increase the value of PSL with their media rights business and spoke about a robust global exploitation strategy to increase the brand image and commercial value of the Pakistan Super League.

We have always endeavoured to deliver maximum value for the PCB and the HBL PSL franchise teams

– COO Trans Group


Things seemed like a dream when the PCB went ahead with HBL PSL season one. It seemed like this project wouldn’t survive, PCB didn’t have many resources to keep it alive. In the initial days, the franchise wasn’t able to make profits, which kept fans on edge about the sustainability of this tournament. However, look at this day. PSL is reaching new heights each day, and with the increase in commercial value, international stake holders can jump in for sponsorships to enhance PSL’s brand image.

This is how far things have progressed. It has gotten me excited about the 9th edition of HBL PSL. Are you? If you are, turn on the notifications so that you never miss any updates from us.

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