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Islamabad United All-Rounder to make a comeback?

Imad Wasim took retirement from international cricket back in November 2023, but is he thinking about making a comeback? Back in November, Imad broke the internet with his news of retirement. He did that to focus more on the franchise-based T20 leagues all over the world.

It came as a surprise since Imad was a valuable T20 player for Pakistan. Since then, cricket fans have been speculating why Imad Wasim took retirement or whether he will ever return. In this article, we will tell you that since Imad Wasim has finally opened up about his retirement.

Will Imad Wasim Wear The Green Shirt Again?

So, will Imad ever come back? Will he ever wear the green shirt again? Imad Wasim said that he was 100% in on his retirement decision. It was it for him. He wanted to focus more on the T20 leagues.

However, directly or indirectly, he has given us 3 reasons why Imad might come back to the team.

3 reasons why Imad Wasim might come back

So what are those three reasons? While talking to a local news website, Imad Wasim, the Islamabad United all-rounder, spoke about his possible return to international cricket. However, things need to be different if Imad wears the green shirt again.

1) Pakistan is a priority

Before Imad made any demands, he cleared that Pakistan was his priority. And if the national team needs him, he is going to come back.

“But you never know when Pakistan needs you; you have to do something about it.”

This gives us the first reason why Imad might return to international cricket. And it seems like he can enter the stage for the T20 World Cup. Pakistan team is in dire need of an allrounder, and a senior player who can steer the team to stability. And this takes us to the second reason.

2) Clarity

The second reason why Imad will come back is if the team management provides him with some clarity regarding his role in the team. Imad made it clear that he doesn’t want captaincy. However, he wants the management to give him his role as a senior player

Whether it is about guiding the team’s focus in tough situations on the field or helping out the spinners, Imad needs his role to be clear.

I want clarity about my role in the team. Tell me my responsibility as a senior player. Is it to take the team where I want to or where a group of senior players wants to take it.”

If Imad is given clarity, the senior player can make his comeback.

3) Wants to play the right cricket

The next reason is that he wants to play the right cricket. This is what he said,

“I want Pakistan to play the right cricket, the right style, and the right combination.”

Ever since Imad made a name for himself in international cricket, it is clear that he is a professional sportsman. Imad’s dedication to the game and seriousness towards achieving results took him to the top rankings as an all-rounder.

If the team management can figure this out, Imad might come back.

Imad Wasim’s impact on T20s

Imad is a veteran T20 player. So far, he has played 331 T20s. He shines better with the ball. However, you can depend on him when it comes to batting. If not for his explosive style, the Karachi Kings wouldn’t have done as well as they did last season.

Here are his stats in T20 cricket.

Strike Rate127
Best Bowling5-14
Economy rate6.61

The economy rate shows the reason why he is one of the best bowlers in T20 format.

However, PSL season is coming up. Let’s see how he did in HBL PSL 8.

Strike Rate170.46
Highest Score92*
Best bowling3-16
Economy rate7.93


Islamabad United has struck a gold mine with Imad Wasim. If Imad can re-do what he did in the previous season, United will be in a pretty sweet spot. Imad’s role as a senior player will help them gain new heights, and assist Shadab in making better decisions on the field. This is exactly what the Pakistan national team wants as well. If he can do well in the HBL PSL, we might see the allrounder make a comeback in the upcoming T20 World Cup hosted by the USA and the West Indies.

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