Akash Chopra warns Pakistan – Asia Cup 2023 Fiasco

There is a heated discussion among ACC officials, PCB, and BCCI. India doesn’t want to play Asia Cup if Pakistan is going to host it in Pakistan. They say they want government clearance for it. Meanwhile, PCB has taken a stance and said that Pakistan would boycott CWC 2023 if India keeps up this attitude. The cricket world cup is in India this year. They will be hosting this event after 2011.

While all this is happening, Akash Chopra has warned PCB of the consequences of this harsh stance. Let’s find out what he has to say

Akash Chopra warns Pakistan – Asia Cup 2023 Fiasco

Akash Chopra is a retired Indian cricketer. Since his retirement, he has worked as a cricket commentator, analyst, and broadcaster. Akash Chopra also keeps his presence on social media. On his Youtube channel, he talked about this situation. He was surprised at how the PCB chairman was handling this situation. Akash said:

“I can give it to you in writing; whether the Asia Cup happens or not, it is 120% guaranteed that Pakistan will come here and play in the World Cup. If Pakistan boycotts the World Cup, the repercussions will be dire. That is my opinion.”

But what are these dire consequences that he is talking about?

What if Pakistan pulls out of the world cup?

Danish Kaneria, the former Pakistan Legspinner, is shocked at PCB’s stance. He says that Pakistan’s presence in international cricket will be in danger if they do something like this. He said that the PCB should have delayed releasing any official statement because the Asian Cricket Council had not issued a comment. Even what Jay Shah stated was reported in the media. He was talking as BCCI secretary, not ACC president. PCB has made its opinion official by making a statement that may harm it. Pakistan will be forced to withdraw from international cricket if they cancel the World Cup in India.

Parting thoughts – What does the future hold?

Sports has always been used as a political tool, Whether it is the boycott of the Olympics game by most countries of the world in the USSR or India’s claims now. Cricket diplomacy has been used as a tool to better the ties between both India and Pakistan. If something like this happens, then indeed, it will have a negative impact on the game. The cricket fraternity should solve these differences and give the fans what they want. India-Pakistan clashes always generate a lot of money. Just look at how many times ICC has opened the tournaments with India v Pakistan games.

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