Asia Cup 2023 Points Table

Asia Cup 2023 is about to go down in September. While there is a whole issue between India and Pakistan regarding the venue, one thing is certain.

And that is that we will see Asia Cup action in September. And when six teams play a tournament, there is also a points table.

This article will discuss the Asia Cup 2023 points table, the tournament format, and how points will be calculated.

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So if you want to be up to date with the latest and updated points table, you can come back to this page because we will update the points table after each match.

Asia Cup Points Table 2023

Following is the points table for Asia Cup 2023. Keep in mind that this points table will be updated after each match. So if you see some slots empty, have some patience. We are constantly updating and maintaining this web page.

Super 4 stage

Sri Lanka34-0.134
M = Matches played
P = Points
NRR = Net Run Rate

Group stages

Group A
Country M P NRR
India 2 3 1.028
Pakistan 2 3 4.760
Nepal 2 0 -3.572
Group B
Bangladesh 2 2 0.373
Sri Lanka 2 4 0.594
Afghanistan 2 0 -0.910
M = Matches played
P = Points
NRR = Net Run Rate

Tournament format

The tournament format was decided on 9 January 2023. First, group-stage matches will be played. Then the teams will play 6 Super-4 matches. After that, there will be a finale.

The six teams are divided into two groups of 3. Each team will get to play two matches in this stage. The top 2 teams from both groups will progress to the Super-4 stage. In this stage, the teams will face off against each other, and the top 2 teams will play the Asia Cup 2023 Finale.

How will points be calculated?

Points are calculated based on the international standard. If a team wins a match, that team will earn 2 points. If a team loses a match, it gets no points. On the other hand, if there is a tie between two teams or the match is abandoned for any reason, both teams get one point.

If two teams have the same points, the decision will be made based on the net run rate. The team with the best net run rate will progress in the further stage of the tournament.

Calculating the NRR is a simple process. We have already covered it on our website. But if you want us to cover it again, we would love to give you another article.


Because of the format of most of these tournaments, whether a team progresses to the next stage depends on their standing on the points table. If a team stands higher, doesn’t the points table, its standing in the tournament, or its position in the competition become stronger? Hence, we need a points table in each tournament.

We will try our best to give you the best to present the data most understandably and easily as possible.

Again, we thank you for your patience. Cricket is our love, and we are here for the love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We tried our best to answer all the questions, but some unanswered questions Google told us about. You can find those answers here.

Which teams are playing in Asia Cup 2023?

The following teams will play in Asia Cup 2023

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Nepal
  6. Afghanistan

When will Asia Cup start in 2023?

Asia Cup will start on 30 August this year.

Is Asia Cup 50 overs or 20 overs?

This year, the Asia cup will be played in ODI format, which means it is going to be 50 overs.

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