BCCI yet to make a decision regarding Asia Cup 2023

Earlier this month, it was discussed that BCCI would decide on their participation in Asia Cup 2023. Pakistan wanted all the matches to be held on their home soil. But BCCI didn’t want that since they didn’t have clarity from their government. Pakistan suggested a hybrid model that solved all the problems. Yet, BCCI didn’t agree with this model. BCCI was set to decide on this matter in the Special General Meeting on 27 May 2023. But, they have taken sort of a U-turn on it.

In this article, we will look deeper into this story. So let’s begin

BCCI denies any claims of agreeing to the Hybrid Model

There have been news articles all over the internet that BCCI has finally agreed to the hybrid model given by PCB. Yet, we discussed here on CricketWorlds.net that  BCCI will give their stance after SGM held on 27 May 2023.

Everyone who knew this fact was baffled by this news. BCCI came up with the statement that the claims that they have accepted the proposed model of PCB are null and void. They have categorically denied these claims and have stated that they will decide on this later. But when?

When will BCCI announce its decision?

BCCI will announce the decision after the finale of IPL 2023. As we have discussed before, they would give their stance after SMG. Now that they have discussed the issue, BCCI must give their final stance. They have given the date after the IPL final. Let’s wait until then and find out what will happen regarding this issue.

Final words

All the cricket fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for the decision. The majority of cricket fans are present in these countries. Even if one of the countries pulls out of either the Asia Cup or the ICC Cricket World Cup, the viewership will go down the drain. That is not good for the marketing and business aspect of the game. Hence, both India and Pakistan have to have a mutual agreement on these issues sooner rather than later.

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