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Do you want the latest ICC Men’s ODI World Cup updates and news? Join our WhatsApp group, and you will get a lot more than this.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is about to start, and fans are excited about it. Everyone is eyeing on 5 October 2023. While the matches will start on 5 October, fans from all the qualified teams are searching for different things like schedules, warm-up matches, squad details, match previews and much more.

It is hard to keep track of all of this. We have made a cricket community on WhatsApp to keep you hooked on the most essential details in the sea of content. Join this community, and let’s enjoy the World Cup together.

In this article, we will explain everything about this group in detail.

Join the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 WhatsApp Group

As we have told you, we have made a WhatsApp group to gather a cricket community. You can think of it as a virtual cafe where you can connect with fellow cricket fans and enjoy the game together.

How can you join our ICC Cricket World Cup community? All you have to do is join this WhatsApp group. You will get a lot of perks. We will discuss these perks later in this article.

For now, you will be seeing a button. Click on that button and join our WhatsApp group. The application will ask for your permission, give the permission and you will join the chat with us.

At cricketworlds.net, we believe in having fun together. So, if you want to have some fun and enjoy this cricket World Cup with all of us, join now.

Get exclusive updates

The first thing you will get is the exclusive updates. There are ten teams this time. All of these teams have different players that the fans cherish. There are various news and updates regarding these players. Sometimes, some players are having a chat, training, or doing other stuff that the fans are interested in.

Or, there are other details like player status, injuries, scores, stats, schedule, match timings, and match updates. All of these developments make it difficult for the fans. You cannot keep track of everything.

Also, we can help you with the live-streaming links. Most people have trouble finding links for watching the matches live.

But you don’t have to worry about that in this community. We will share all the essential news and updates with you in this group. Whether it is match tickets schedule changes or timing changes, we will keep you in the loop.

we also added the Asia Cup WhatsApp Group as well.

Let’s have match discussions.

Another thing that we will do is that we will have match discussions. On X (formerly known as Twitter), fans used to have live discussions. The forum encouraged that. Now, the algorithm doesn’t allow you to enjoy the game like that.

But we have solved that issue with our WhatsApp community. Join us in the live discussions for the match. The community will double the entertainment whether it is the live score or the ball-by-ball updates and discussions.

It doesn’t matter which country you belong to; join this group and participate in healthy banter and online match discussions.

Share content

You can also share content. There are a lot of times when you need content for reels and statuses. In a community, you can edit and share that stuff with everyone. In our group, you can promote your cricket-related videos and reels. Just make sure that it is your original work.

We will also share videos of sixers, wickets, cover drives, pull shots, hooks, and sweep shots. Who wouldn’t want a video of yorkers from Mitchel Starc or those inswinging yorkers from Shaheen Shah Afridi?

You can share that content and enjoy that content in our group. You can also download cricket world 2023 schedule pdf.

Match predictions

Let’s have some fun and predict each match. There are going to be 48 matches this time. Each team will play against each other. Yes! All ten teams are in the same group and will have the opportunity to compete against each other.

Let’s arrange discussions and polls on each match. Predict who can win, who will be the man of the match, and who will score a ton.

These match predictions are going to be fun. We can banter, give previews of each match, share stats, and try to prove who is the best fanbase in this cricketing community.

Group Guidelines

These are our group guidelines. Make sure you comply with them. If you go against these guidelines, we will kick you out and block all of you.

  • No racism will be entertained.
  • You should be respectful in the banter and not target each other’s religion.
  • Do not have political discourse on the chat.
  • Never DM anyone. Always chat in the group. Otherwise, we will blacklist you.
  • Share respectful content, and do not use abusive language.
  • Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Do not dox anyone.


Enhance your ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 experience by joining the CricketWorlds.net WhatsApp Group. Join a community of fans who share your interest when the competition begins on October 5, 2023. Live match conversations, tailored updates, and intriguing material are all available.

Join now to interact with other fans and enjoy real-time insights. Unlock unique team news, lively match discussions, and respectful involvement. Let us work together to make the 2023 edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup a memorable celebration of the spirit of cricket.

Join the CricketWorlds.net ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 WhatsApp Group immediately to avoid missing out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book ODI World Cup 2023 tickets?

You can visit the ICC Website to book tickets online.

How many teams will play in the ICC World Cup 2023?

Ten teams will play this time.

On which app World Cup 2023 is live?

You can get all the live streaming links in this article: ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Live Streaming.

How many ODI World Cups did Pakistan win?

Pakistan has won only one World win.

What is the prize money for the ODI World Cup 2023?

The prize money this time is 4 million dollars.

Where is the World Cup in India vs Pakistan 2023?

Pakistan and India will clash on 14 October 2023 at Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium.

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