David Willey to retire after CWC 2023

England’s fast bowler, David Willey, announced his retirement from international cricket after the 50-over World Cup in India in a sad announcement. The 33-year-old chose to be left without a central deal after the English cricket board announced their new contracts. Willey’s retirement will let him pursue chances in different franchise-based leagues worldwide.

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While England’s World Cup title defense has had its challenges, Willey was eager to explain that his decision to retire was not affected by the team’s performance.

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He is certain that he has more to give on and off the field, and his choice is motivated by a desire to connect his personal goals with his cricketing experience.

David Willey’s worldwide career has been defined by zeal and commitment. He has made an indelible mark on the cricketing globe since debuting for England in 2015.

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Career numbers

Willey has worn the English jersey with great pride over the years, fully accepting the responsibility that comes with it. His extraordinary career has included 70 one-day internationals and 43 T20 Internationals, with three ODIs in the present World Cup.

The English cricketing fraternity will definitely miss David Willey’s services to the English national team. His reputation as a passionate and wholehearted cricketer will continue to inspire future players and fans alike as he prepares to embark on new experiences outside of the international stage.

Is Franchise cricket ruining the sport?

While we say our goodbyes to David, it sparks another debate: Is franchise cricket ruining the sport? Since IPL has become successful, more and more leagues are starting in the world. Businessmen want to invest in T20 cricket. We have seen the rise of PSL, CPL, BBL, BPL, and LPL. They generate good money for both the boards and for the players.

Due tot his reason, many players leave international cricket for these leagues. David Willey has admitted that he wants to focus on franchise leagues. Many West Indies cricketers do not play for the national team because they have IPL or PSL contracts.

What do you guys have to say about it?


David Willey’s international career is ending, but his future remains open. Due to the lack of a central contract, he can now pursue chances in numerous franchise-based leagues worldwide. We are bidding farewell to this fantastic cricketer. However, fans will also be curious to know the new and exciting prospects for the English team.

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