Ali Zafar to sing PSL 9 Anthem

Get ready for some fantastic news! Ali Zafar, a brilliant singer, is making a musical comeback by performing the official song for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 9. People throughout the country are delighted to hear his voice once more, as it brings back memories of the amazing PSL anthems he previously sang.

With only 14 days till PSL 9 begins, we still do not know when the anthem will be released. However, because the event is so close, many fans believe it will be revealed very soon. The countdown for this musical masterpiece has begun.

Ali Zafar is back on the stage

Ali Zafar has been a part of the PSL anthems since its inception. He began with “Ab Khel Ke Dikha” in the first edition and went on to produce blockbusters such as “Ab Khel Jamay Ga” and “Dil Se Jaan Laga De.”

Cricket fans weren’t the only ones to love it. The music fans also enjoyed these anthems. To make fans even more enthusiastic, the PSL posted a video of Ali Zafar performing a rendition of “Ab Khel Jamay Ga” on social media. This tiny preview gets everyone excited for the entire anthem for PSL 9.

Will he sing alone?

Although it’s clear Ali Zafar is singing the anthem, we don’t know if he’s doing so alone or with others. The uncertainty adds to the enjoyment, and fans are speculating and discussing what may happen, making the anthem release much more anticipated.

There are reports that Aima Baig will sing this anthem with him. However, rumours are rumours. We still do not have any confirmation. We did cover this piece of news before on our live blog. Do follow that if you want to know the latest news on HBL PSL season 9.

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Ali Zafar’s break

After performing the first three PSL anthems, Ali Zafar took leave and was replaced by other outstanding performers for the next five seasons. Even though these musicians were amazing, people wished Ali Zafar would return. Now that the wait is over, he’s returning for PSL 9.

Some fans didn’t want Ali back. However, there were a lot of fans who wanted him back. Each year, PCB releases a PSL anthem. And ever since Ali Zafar stopped singing PSL anthems, fans have been waiting. They want to hear his voice. Ali Zafar’s voice is nostalgic to the OG PSL fans.

And you can’t blame them. This is his impact. Through his music style and art, Ali Zafar made the first few seasons quite memorable.

Concluding remarks

As we anxiously await Ali Zafar’s PSL 9 anthem, it’s time to recall how much his previous songs meant to us. Having him back promises to rekindle memories and enthusiasm for the upcoming PSL matches. Let the countdown continue, and prepare for Ali Zafar’s voice to be the anthem of PSL once more!

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