ICC Cricket World Cup points table 2023

This time, all ten teams in this Cricket World Cup will play in a single group. And this is going to be a lot of cricket to watch. Keeping track of their standings is hard with all these teams playing together in the group stages. No worries!

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We’ve got you covered with the ICC Cricket World Cup points table. This article will keep all the standings and points tables updated. So, if you want to come and see your team’s position in this ODI World Cup, join us.

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The points table for Cricket World Cup 2023

Here is the points table for the ICC Cricket World Cup. Ten teams are facing off against each other for this mega-event that comes every four years. If a team wins a match, it will get 2 points. And if a team loses a match, it will get no points. But if a match has been cancelled due to rain or other issues, each team will get one point.

South Africa97141.261
New Zealand95100.743
Sri Lanka924-1.419

Also, if the team is tied on point, the NRR will decide the position on the points table. To know more about how the NRR decides a team’s fate in the tournament, continue reading.

What is the format of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?

So, how is the tournament going to play out this time? This will be a fun World Cup since every team will play in a single group. The top 4 teams will play in the knockout stages. If each team plays with every team in the group, there will be at least 9 matches per side. Let’s discuss the format further.

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Round robin stage

If each team plays 9 matches at least, the group stages will have at least 43 matches. And that is the beauty of this tournament. Back in the 2011 Cricket World Cup, there were 14 teams. These teams were divided into 2 groups. The top 4 teams from each group made it to the quarter-finals.

Only one group this time and 4 teams will play in the semi-finals. We will get back to the semi-final stage as well. Just keep in mind that each team will play 9 group-stage matches. They will get 2 points per win.

But another factor will decide their standings in the points table. And that is NRR. Let’s discuss Net Run Rate or NRR for a moment.

Role of NRR and how it is calculated

We know that the NRR is a tricky subject. Hence, we have made a simple table for you guys to understand. Are you ready? Well, you must give us some props for caring for you so much.

What is NRR?A measure of a team’s run-scoring and run-conceding performance in cricket.
PurposeTo determine a team’s position in a tournament when multiple teams have the same points.
Calculating NRRSubtract the total runs conceded from the total runs scored, then divide by the total number of overs faced.
Formula(Total Runs Scored – Total Runs Conceded) / Total Overs Faced.
ExampleIf a team scored 1000 runs, conceded 900, and played 200 overs, NRR = (1000 – 900) / 200 = 0.5.
Positive NRRIndicates a team scores more runs than they concede, reflecting good performance.
Negative NRRSuggests a team concedes more runs than they score, indicating a need for improvement.
Tiebreaker AdvantageTeams with higher NRRs often have an advantage in tiebreaker situations, showing overall good tournament performance.
Key TakeawayNRR helps gauge a team’s run-scoring and conceding abilities, crucial in tiebreakers when points are equal.

This was all for the points table. We hope you got this one. Now, let’s jump to the Knockout stages.

Knockout stage

Each team has to win at least 6 matches to make it to the semi-finals or the knockout stages. This means that each team has to perform their top game to make it to the semis. Things can change as well, depending on the situation. However, this is the bare minimum if you have to be 80-85% sure of your entry to the next stage of this World Cup.


It’s never been easier to navigate the ever-exciting ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Keeping track of rankings might be difficult, with all 10 teams competing in a single group. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our ICC Cricket World Cup points table.

This site will guide you during the event, regularly updating standings and point tables. Join us on this fascinating adventure, whether you’re excited to know where your team stands or enjoy the thrilling world of ODI cricket.

We’ll update you on everything from the round-robin stage’s heated clashes to the heart-pounding Knockout rounds. Remember that when points alone aren’t enough to decide a team’s destiny, the Net Run Rate (NRR) takes over as the deciding factor.

So brace yourself for an extraordinary cricketing extravaganza in which every run and wicket matters. We have your back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the favorite for the ODI World Cup 2023?

India is the favorite to win the world cup this time.

Which team is the favorite in the 2023 World Cup?

For the semi-finals, you can say these are the 4 teams that will end up in the semis.

  1. India
  2. Australia
  3. South Africa
  4. England

How many countries qualify for the ICC World Cup 2023?

Ten teams will play in the World Cup this time.

Who will win the 2023 World Cup astrology?

Australia will win, according to the stars.

What is the slogan of the World Cup 2023?

‘It Takes One Day’ to achieve glory. This is the slogan for the world cup this time.

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