2023 Cricket World Cup Teams List – UPDATED

Which cricket fan doesn’t like world cups? Every four years, the event has the cricket world wrapped around its fingers. Many teams prepare all the time to perform well in this tournament. Some win, and some don’t. While some teams perform sometimes, they hope they will return stronger next time. Among all of this, the cricket craze never dies. It always increases. It is the ICC’s duty to increase this game’s popularity. And what better opportunity than the ICC cricket world cup for this? This article will be about the world cup cricket teams for World Cup 2023. We will also talk about each team’s prospects a little bit. Let’s see what the world cup has to offer this time.

we also updated theCricket World Cup 2023 Schedule as well.

Cricket world cup 2023 Teams

To qualify for the WorldCup, 13 teams have to compete among themselves. This competition is called the ICC world cup super league, which has been going on since 30 July 2020 and will continue till May 2023. In this league, all the full members, plus the Netherlands, are participating. The top 7 qualifying teams from the full members will play in the tournament along with the host nation. Along with these 8 teams, 2 additional teams will play as well. These 2 teams are in the top 2 spots in the qualifier tournament. This qualifier will be played in Zimbabwe from 18 June to 9 July 2023. Right now, the following are the standings in this super league.

Rank Teams  Progress
1 India Qualified for the World cup 2023
2 New Zealand
3 England
4 Australia
5 Bangladesh
6 Pakistan
7 Afghanistan
8 West Indies
9 Sri Lanka Play the qualifier 2023
10 Ireland
11 South Africa
12 Zimbabwe
13 Netherlands

These standings can change based on how the ODI series in the super league play out. West Indies has to watch out. Otherwise, they may have to play the qualifiers. It is a shame that teams like Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the West Indies are on the cusp of playing the qualifiers. But if you look at it from another POV, cricket wins if other teams give big teams some competition.

These were the teams that would participate in the whole process. Let’s check out some basic details about the tournament.

ICC world cup 2023, in general

Following are some basic details about the tournament.

Dates October – November 2023
Host nation India
Teams Top 8 teams from the super league + 2 teams who will win the qualifiers
Total matches 48
Governing body ICC
Format Round robin + Knock out
Defenders England

Will the Englishmen be able to defend their title? Or will the hosts take it back again? Let’s see how this world cup plays out.


This year, the tournament is in India. These are batting conditions, with some spin here and there. If you want a better look at the pitch conditions, look up the IPL. This means that we may see some big scores. The last time was in 2011 when the world cup was held in India. And the hosts won that time. Will history repeat itself? Well, we have to see the tournament for that. Before that, we must see which teas will play in the tournament. We will update this information on our website. So stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions

When world cup 2023 will start?

The world cup will start in October 2023 and continue till November 2023.

How many teams will play in the ICC Cricket world cup 2023?

10 teams will play in this tournament. The top 8 will qualify directly, while the 5 teams will play a qualifier from 18 June to 9 July 2023. The top 2 teams from this qualifier will play in the cricket world cup.

Where is the next 50-over world cup?

India will host the world cup in 2023

Is India qualified for the 2023 World Cup?

Indians are the host, so they automatically qualify.

How many World Cups has Pakistan won?

Pakistan has won only one world cup. And they won it in 1992

How many World Cups has India won?

They have won it 2 times.

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