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Is Shamar Joseph fit enough to play PSL 9?

Is Shamar Joseph fit enough to play in HBL PSL 9? Everybody is asking this question since the injury he got while playing against Starc looked nasty. He got an overnight call from Peshawar Zalmi, a team that is already suffering from injured players here and there. In this article, we will try to answer the question that we asked in the beginning. So without any delay, let’s get right into it.

What happened at the Gabba?

It’s Mitchell Starc bowling and Shamar Joseph at the crease. This was the 3rd ball of the 73rd over. Starc bowed a terrific toe-crushing yorker that forced Shamar Joseph to retire hurt.

And this was the end of the West Indies’ resistance against the Aussie bowling attack at the Gabba. They only managed to score 193 runs, giving the Kangaroos a target of 216 runs.

This was an easy target, considering the West Indies were supposed to be “short” on a bowler. Shamar Joseph was struck, he was in searing pain. However, did that stop him from bowling?

No, it did not.

Even if Shamar Joseph was in pain, it didn’t stop him from coming on the wicket and picking the match-winning 7 wickets against the mighty Aussies on their home turf.

Shamar Joseph wasn’t “supposed to” do this. It was insane. You will not send your injured bowler to the crease, will you? However, Joseph came to the ground with determination.

“I’m not putting down this ball until the last wicket falls,” he told his captain.

And this is exactly what he did, ending up with the 7-68 figures, which ultimately led to the West Indies winning their first Test in Australia after 27 years.

But now, it is time for the aftermath.

Ruled out of ILT20

Even if Shamar Joseph triumphed in the arena in the Gabba test, he had to sit down and recover from the injury. After all, the superman of the Gabba is but, a man.

He was set to represent the Dubai Capitals in the ILT20. However, he returned home for rehabilitation and treatment. The West Indies hero from Guyana is now at home, preparing for the endless opportunities that will come his way after his heroics in Australia.

And this takes us to our next question.

Will he play in HBL PSL 9?

Is Shamar Joseph fit enough to play PSL 9?

Peshawar Zalmi was in a sticky situation. Four of their players were either fully, or partially unavailable to play in the upcoming PSL season. However, they overcame this conundrum by selecting different players in the replacement draft.

Shamar Joseph is a replacement for Noor Ahmad, Peshawar’s platinum pick this season. Noor isn’t available for the entire season, but Shamar is in the mood to hit the deck hard in the upcoming HBL PSL 9.

He has returned home to recover from injuries so that he can feature in the upcoming HBL PSL 9. Our best wishes are with him. May he recover before the start of PSL, and come back with full force.

However, this isn’t the opportunity at hand.

I will always be available for the West Indies – Shamar Joesph

After his show at the Gabba, almost all the franchises across the globe want him on their teams. Such is the charisma of this youngster. There are talks about him replacing Tom Curran in the upcoming IPL season. RCB might take him in.

Due to all of these opportunities flooding in, Shamar Joseph needs to manage his workload properly.

And this is his intention as well. In an interview, he claimed that he will always be available for the National duty. No matter how much money is on the table, he will always prefer playing for his country.

Concluding remarks

Players are getting injured all the time these days. And this has to do something with the increase in their workload. Shamar Joseph is a recent example. Lucrative contracts from franchises also attract these players. This is why, they do not regard their fitness. But this had nothing to do with his fitness levels. It was the “Starc-magic.” Nevertheless, the young pacer is healing, and preparing for the 9th edition of HBL PSL. Are you ready to see him in action?

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