Starc on his return to IPL after 9 years

Mitchell Starc will return to the IPL arena after nine years. He last represented the Royal Challengers Bangalore back in IPL 2014-15. However, he left IPL due to injury concerns and trying to focus more on his game for international cricket and to spend more time with his family. Now, he has returned, and he has come back with a bang. He came back as the most expensive player in the history of IPL auctions.

Starc will represent KKR for IPL season 17. KKR got him for 24.75 Cr INR. But the main question is, why suddenly change his mind and return to IPL after 9 long years?

Well, the T20 World Cup is around the corner and every player is gearing up for it. Starc is no exception. He might have decided to play in the tournament keeping in mind the major ICC tournament.

When asked about his feelings about returning to IPL, he said that he is excited to play in front of a loud Indian crowd. He said that he is eager to bowl against Virat, saying that Kohli is a fierce competitor on the field. But Virat is an equally humble and kind person off the field.

And why wouldn’t Starc feel this way about the best ODI batsman this year, he has played with Virat in the RCB before.

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