Islamabad United stepped into the metaverse

Are you prepared for a life-changing adventure in cricket? With their entrance into the metaverse, Islamabad United, the most dominant team in the Pakistan Super League, is storming the digital world. Prepare for an exciting and immersive adventure with the U-Meta Stadium, the world’s first designed digital stadium. Take part in this ground-breaking initiative to reach new heights in cricket fandom. Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance; keep reading to learn more!

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But for those who do not know what metaverse is, let us give you a brief introduction before diving deep into this topic.

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What is Metaverse?

A ‘metaverse’ is a virtual environment that lives at a level parallel to the actual world. It is a public area where users can connect and engage in various activities and events. This innovation is increasingly used to give new and inventive methods for individuals to communicate and engage with one another.

It is quickly becoming a key platform for sectors such as sports, gaming, entertainment, and others. The metaverse can change how we see and interact with the world, and Islamabad United’s foray into this fascinating new arena is only the beginning.

Islamabad United Takes the Metaverse by Storm with the U-Meta Stadium

The metaverse has recently become a term in the online world, with many businesses seeking new methods to interact and communicate with their users.

Islamabad United, the most dominant team in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), is pushing the technological age further by becoming the first cricket team to embrace the metaverse. Islamabad United is planning to provide supporters with a one-of-a-kind adventure with the world’s only designed virtual arena, the U-Meta Stadium.

Interactive Experiences for Fans

The U-Meta Stadium will be erected in Decentraland, the world’s premier public metaverse. It will be available to spectators via a dual stadium that will be available for Android users. Through various interactive adventures and challenges, fans can come closer to the squad like never before.

They would be able to engage not only with the simulations of their favorite players but also with facilities within the stadium, such as the Dressing Room, Player’s Lounge, and Fans Meeting Room.

Visitors will be rewarded for their discoveries and trials with authentic Islamabad United digital jerseys, club relics, and intriguing digital assets and incentives from partners.

The U-Meta Stadium – A Futuristic Space Built for Cricket Fans

Islamabad United has developed the world’s first built-to-scale digital cricket ground in the metaverse in a historic step. The U-Meta Venue in Decentraland is an intelligent collaboration with VegasCity that covers over 6 acres and is furnished with all that a world-class cricket arena requires. The U-Meta Stadium will give cricket lovers worldwide a unique autonomous, cinematic experience, complete with a beautiful cricket pitch, fan seats, tall-connecting buildings, great shops and online multiplayer gaming sections.

Get Closer to the Action than Ever Before

Fans can do the following things in the virtual stadium.

  1. Fans may snap photos with the squad
  2. Ask their favorite player’s queries
  3. See PSL8 clips
  4. Visit special Islamabad United gatherings
  5. Engage in various challenges during the league at the U-Meta Stadium.

This is your chance to experience the enthusiasm and intensity of live cricket without needing to leave your residences.


Islamabad United’s U-Meta Stadium is poised to change how spectators enjoy live cricket. By embracing the metaverse, the team gives fans a new and exciting opportunity to interact with their favourite players. They can become a part of what’s happening. The designed virtual arena demonstrates Islamabad United’s dedication to creativity and ambition to bring spectators closer to the action. So, what are you holding out for? Plunge into the metaverse and feel the excitement of live cricket like you’ve never felt before.

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