Kohli praises Pakistan’s bowling.

Cricket rivalries have always been strong, and the anticipation and emotions surrounding the India-Pakistan match are at an all-time high. Cricket fans look forward to the confrontation between these two sporting titans as the Asia Cup 2023 approaches.

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In a recent interview, Indian batting star Virat Kohli discussed the upcoming match and, more importantly, the frightening power of Pakistan’s bowling attack. Let’s look at Kohli’s admiration for Pakistan’s bowlers and persistent dedication to improving his game.

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Kohli praises Pakistan’s bowling.

Kohli’s open acknowledgment of Pakistan’s bowling capability is evidence of the caliber of talent their bowlers bring to the table. He highlighted that facing such a tough bowling attack necessitates nothing less than absolute top performance.

“Their strength lies in bowling. They have impactful bowlers who can change the game based on their skill set. So, you must be at your absolute best to face them.”

Kohli on Pakistani bowlers

Shaheen Afridi, Hasan Ali, and Shadab Khan are legitimate threats to any batting order worldwide. Kohli’s praise for Pakistan’s bowlers is a credit to the bowlers’ ability, variety, and game-changing powers.

Kohli’s approach

Virat Kohli, widely regarded as one of the game’s modern-day greats, gave vital insights into his quest to improve his cricketing abilities. His drive to self-improvement shows through as he articulates his desire to learn how to raise his game consistently.

This commitment extends to all areas of his cricketing life, including daily practice sessions, yearly assessments, and seasonal modifications. Kohli’s strategy is a roadmap for consistency and durability in cricket.

“I focus on improving my game every day, every practice session, every year, and every season. This helps me play well and perform for my team.”

Kohli’s approach

Kohli’s perspective offers insight into the psyche of a persistent performer. He disproves the concept that an athlete’s main motivation should be performance.

Instead, he emphasizes the significance of a never-ending pursuit of excellence and self-improvement. Complacency is the enemy in Kohli’s universe, and the quest for perfection is a never-ending adventure.

Kohli’s Approach to Constant and Never-ending Improvement

One of the most important lessons from Kohli’s statements is that there are no limitations to self-improvement. In his opinion, setting performance as the main objective might lead to satisfaction and a pause in the never-ending quest for greatness.

“Without the right mindset, consistent performance is unattainable. Focusing solely on performance can lead to complacency.”

Kohli on always working hard and improving himself.

Cricket, like life, is an ever-changing adventure, and Kohli’s approach represents his philosophy of pushing limits and breaking down barriers.


Virat Kohli’s praise for Pakistan’s bowling assault goes beyond sportsmanship; it is an acknowledgment of the exciting task that lies ahead. Fans looking forward to the India-Pakistan match might take inspiration from Kohli’s continuous drive to self-improvement.

His remarks serve as a reminder that the quest for perfection has no borders in cricket and beyond. As the Asia Cup 2023 takes center stage, the focus will be not only on the players but also on the never-ending quest for excellence that distinguishes the game’s greats.

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