Lahore: Traffic plan for Asia Cup matches

While big tournaments like the Asia Cup are held in Lahore, Karachi, or any big city in Pakistan, traffic is always the biggest concern.

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Lahore is gearing up for entertaining cricket matches as the Asia Cricket Cup 2023 approaches. From September 3 to 6, the city will host three spectacular games at Gaddafi Stadium. Captain (retd) Mustansar Feroze, the Chief Traffic Police Officer of Lahore, has devised a strategy to control traffic during these matches.

Let’s talk about their plans to make traffic movement smooth.

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Lahore’s traffic police have devised a clever idea to make it easier for people to move about during the Asia Cup matches. This strategy includes several procedures to regulate traffic and ensure that everyone may enjoy the games without interruptions.

Team for Traffic Control

A squad of police officers is ready to put the plan into effect behind the scenes. They have around ten deputy superintendents of police (DSPs), 110 traffic inspectors, and over 2,000 traffic workers. These policemen will be in control and will ensure that everything runs well.

They would collaborate with Superintendent of Police (SP) Sadar Malik Ikramullah, Superintendent of Police (SP) City Shahzad Khan, and Superintendent of Police (SP) Headquarters Sohail Fazil.

Parking issues solved

Incorrect parking is a regular issue during significant events. The traffic cops will utilize around 20 forklifts to resolve this. These devices will assist in swiftly moving incorrectly parked automobiles, preventing traffic bottlenecks.

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People who come to watch the games will have a safe area to park their vehicles. Government College Gulberg, Liberty Parking, and LDA Plaza are all options. This way, everyone can come to the games without worrying about finding a parking spot.

Arrangements for players and fans

The traffic officers seek to ensure that the players, officials, and supporters travel safely and comfortably. They are paying close attention to the visit of the Afghanistan cricket team. They would be well-protected from the minute they arrive at Lahore Airport. The route from their accommodation to the Gaddafi Stadium and return is also included in the traffic plan.

Traffic Plans For Asia Cup In Lahore

Even though the matches are taking place, Lahore’s main highways will remain available for ordinary traffic. Mall Road, Jail Road, Canal Road, Ferozepur Road, and Main Boulevard Gulberg Road will be open to the public. The traffic strategy provides clear directions and routes for those attending the matches.

If you’re coming from Mall Road, Jail Road, or Canal Road, you’ll need to use Ferozepur Road to get to the main gate at the campus.

Traffic updates will be provided via the Rasta App, Rasta FM 88.6, and social media to keep everyone informed.


As Lahore prepares for the Asia Cup matches, the traffic strategy will act as a map, guiding everyone around the city without any traffic problems.

Chief Traffic Police Officer Captain (retd) Mustansar Feroze has set the stage for a good cricket experience with a hardworking team of police officers, fresh parking concepts, and a solid dedication to keeping traffic flowing.

Fans may expect the journey to the Gaddafi Stadium to be as seamless as a well-played cricket match.

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