Major League Cricket Schedule 2023

Major league cricket is going to start on 13 July, and it is going to continue till 30 July 2023. The tournament, which was dysfunctional for quite some time for different reasons, is returning with a bang.

MLC authorities are contacting players worldwide to participate in their lucrative franchise cricket tournament this year. In this article, we will talk about different things, like the schedule for the tournament, where the matches will be played, and where you can buy tickets.

Yeah! For all the cricket fans out there in the USA, it is time to support and grow cricket in your country. And you can do that by going to the matches, showing up in the stadium, and making ICC hear your chants from America.

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MLC  2023 Schedule

MLC is going to start on 13 July 2023. So far, the MLC authorities are yet to announce a detailed schedule for the tournament. The six franchises are in the process of making their teams. In this case, MLC is waiting to discuss the tournament details.

We know that there are going to be 19 matches among 6 franchises. The inaugural match will be played on 13 July, and the rest will be played after that.

Matches till 18 July will be played in Grand Prairie, while the matches till 25 July will be played in Church street park.

Date Team 1 Team 2
7/13/2023 Texas Super Kings LA Knight Riders
7/14/2023 MI New York SF Unicorns
7/14/2023 Seattle Orcas Washington Freedom
7/15/2023 SF Unicorns Seattle Orcas
7/16/2023 Texas Super Kings Washington Freedom
7/16/2023 LA Knight Riders MI New York
7/17/2023 Texas Super Kings MI New York
7/18/2023 LA Knight Riders SF Unicorns
7/20/2023 Washington Freedom LA Knight Riders
7/21/2023 Seattle Orcas Texas Super Kings
7/22/2023 Washington Freedom SF Unicorns
7/23/2023 LA Knight Riders Seattle Orcas
7/23/2023 MI New York Washington Freedom
7/24/2023 SF Unicorns Texas Super Kings
7/25/2023 MI New York Seattle Orcas

Here is the schedule for the playoffs

Eliminator Match
7/27/2023 Grand Prairie Stadium Seed 3 Seed 4
Qualifier Match
7/27/2023 Grand Prairie Stadium Seed 1 Seed 2
Challenger Match
7/28/2023 Grand Prairie Stadium Qualifier Loser Eliminator Winner
Final Match
7/30/2023 Grand Prairie Stadium Qualifier Winner Challenger Winner


As far as the venue is concerned, most matches will be played in Dallas. The stadium was being renovated for a long time. And now, the stadium specifically for cricket is ready for some T20 action.

A significant chunk of the tournament will be played in Grand Prairie Stadium. The stadium has been renovated and prepared for Major league cricket. Of course, there will be other venues for the tournament as well. But MLC has specified Grand Prairie Stadium as their primary venue. The rest of the matches will be played in Church street park.

Great Park Cricket Stadium
Address 1600 Lone Star Pkwy Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Operator American Cricket Enterprises
Capacity 7000
Opened 2008
Home team Texas Super Kings

Another stadium added to the list is Church Street Park. Here are the details for it.

Church street park
Address Morrisville, North Carolina, United States
Operator American Cricket Enterprises
Capacity 3500
Opened 2018


You can visit our website if you want early access to the tickets. We will keep you updated regarding the tickets. You should sign up for the free tickets on the official websites. They will be giving away the tickets earlier for the subscribers. Also, the price of the tickets isn’t clear yet. But it isn’t going to be a considerable amount.

All the cricket fans can watch the games easily in the stadiums. The price for underage children will be lesser. It will probably cost 4 dollars, while the adult price will be 6 dollars.


MLC has not announced its official schedule; we will be the first to tell you about it. On this website, you will get all the updated information regarding the schedule and ticket pricing. The tournament is set to start on 13 July 2023. So what are you waiting for? This is one of the first times a significant league has caught this much attention from global cricket fans. It will be an exciting prospect for the development of cricket in America.

Most of the matches will be played in Dallas. An interesting fact, this stadium is also being considered a venue for the T20 world cup 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we will answer the internet’s most frequently asked questions.

When will the tournament start?

The Major League Cricket will start on 13 July 2023.

Are there any international players in MLC?

Yes, different franchises have drafted many international players for the league, including Aron Finch, Quinton de Cock, and Sami Aslam.

What is the venue for MLC?

The primary venue for MLC is Grand Prairie Stadium.

What is the price of the tickets?

Price ranges from 4 dollars to 6 dollars for general stands.

Can I play in MLC?

You can play if you are a domestic player drafted by the franchises. You must sign up with a team and play for them in domestic tournaments. This way, you can get scouted.

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