West Indies and USA may host ICC Champions Trophy 2025

Reports indicate that the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 may be shifted from Pakistan to the West Indies or the USA. This probable change follows the continuing controversy around the location of the Asia Cup 2023.

Cricket fans are left wondering why this decision was made and how it would affect the game’s environment. It is making them uncertain.

This article will show the probable change, its causes, and its potential effects on Pakistan. Let’s explore the fascinating developments related to the ICC Champions Trophy 2025.

The Fallout from the Asia Cup 2023

The Asia Cup 2023’s future is still in the air because the Indian cricket team has declined to visit Pakistan for the competition. This ongoing issue has diminished Pakistan’s prospects of hosting the coveted ICC Champions Trophy in 2025.

The 2024 T20 World Cup may be moved to Scotland and Ireland. At the same time, conversations have been started inside the International Cricket Council (ICC) to look into the potential of moving the event to the Caribbean.

These negotiations, meanwhile, have just been verbal and are still in the early phases.

Venue Constraints and Scheduling Considerations

Due to schedule conflicts, historic cricketing nations like the UK may be chosen as alternate hosts instead of the West Indies and the United States.

England is ineligible to host the Champions Trophy since it may only hold events from May to June.

Scotland and Ireland, on the other hand, are candidates for the 2024 T20 World Cup. By moving the tournament to the USA, the organizers will have the chance to build up and improve the infrastructure required to hold such a big event.

Infrastructure Challenges in the USA

Major cricket tournaments might potentially be held in the USA, but the infrastructure there isn’t in the best condition.

Major League Cricket’s prospective host has guaranteed a fantastic event, but planning an occasion like the T20 World Cup is a different problem.

The dearth of available spaces is a major worry. Additionally, broadcasters in the sub-continent, whose audience and potential earnings are at their highest, are concerned that a protracted tournament in the western portion of the USA might result in financial losses.

Implications for Pakistan – What will happen?

Pakistan would suffer greatly if the ICC Champions Trophy were moved to the USA or the West Indies in 2025. The nation has passed up chances to host past ICC events and the Asia Cup in 2023.

Pakistan’s cricketing prestige would suffer if it lost another important competition, and its economy and tourist industry would suffer.

The country’s ability to develop its cricketing infrastructure and possibilities may suffer if the hosting rights are lost.

Due to these implications, Pakistan also looks forward to ICC resolving these issues. Read this article to know more!


Cricket fans worldwide are talking about the potential of the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 being moved from Pakistan to the West Indies or the USA. This prospective move has been influenced by the impact of the Asia Cup 2023 and the scheduling restrictions encountered by traditional cricketing nations.

While the United States offers intriguing potential, the nation’s current infrastructural problems and worries about broadcasting income create serious issues.

Losing the hosting rights would be a serious setback for Pakistan. It will affect many different facets of the cricketing environment in that nation.

Cricket fans anxiously await the ultimate verdict on the fate of the Champions Trophy 2025 as the deliberations continue.

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