New Zealand vs Sri Lanka might get washed out

Is this what Pakistan cricket fans have been calling “Qudrat ka nizam?” While these remaining matches are important for New Zealand, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the weather has other plans. The Sri Lanka vs New Zealand match on 9 November 2023 might get washed out. There is a rain forecast for the next two days in Bengaluru

According to weather reports from independent sources, things aren’t looking suitable for the Black Caps. There is a 60% chance of rain during this match. New Zealand started well in this tournament. However, they lost back-to-back matches, causing them to worry about their NRR for the number 4 spot on the points table

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The Kiwis have to win all their remaining matches if they want to have a shot at the semi-finals. However, if the match gets washed out, each team may end up with one point, leaving New Zealand even more vulnerable to Pakistan and Afghanistan games.

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If the rain stops play, New Zealand will need Pakistan and Afghanistan to lose all their matches. However, if they win their match against Sri Lanka, they will have the green signal to go in the knockout stages. They have better NRR than Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Things didn’t seem this unclear before. Now, it is all up to the fate. The “Qudrat Ka Nizam.” Will New Zealand be able to sail their boat safely for the semi-finals? Only time will tell.

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