Pakistan team reaches Multan for Asia Cup

Asia Cup 2023 will start on 30 August 2023 in Multan Cricket Stadium. While the preparations are in fifth gear, the Pakistan Cricket Team just arrived in Multan for the inaugural match. The first match is going to be between Nepal and Pakistan. While the Nepal team has been in Pakistan for days, the green shirts have landed in Multan after a successful 3-0 in the ODI series against the Afghanistan cricket team.

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The men in green landed in the city of saints and were welcomed in the traditional style with Saraiki Ajrak. You have to admit that Saraiki people have style.

This may look similar to the Sindhi Attire, but it has its own vibe, especially when the stylish Pakistan players adore it.

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Shadab Khan seems to be giving some good tips on bowing good legspinners. Our wicketkeeper Rizwan looks quite remarkable with the desi Saraiki Ajrak. And it is not like the players are enjoying it, the foreign coaches seem to be loving it as well. Just look at the coaches.

But you have to love the way Rizzler is looking. The fanboys are going to go crazy.

This time, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka will co-host the Asia Cup. 4 out of 13 matches will be played on Pakistani soil. While the other 9 matches are on Sri Lankan soil.

Pakistan, India, and Nepal are playing in Group A, while Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are in Group B.

Cricket pundits anticipate that there will be 3 matches between India and Pakistan if things go well. But we have to see.

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Let’s see how the first match between Nepal and Pakistan will be. The Multan cricket stadium has always been vibrant. Will our Multani fans entertain the world this time as well? We will have to see.

Tune in on 30 August 2023 in Pakistan vs Nepal match. Till then, bye!

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