Pakistan’s Cricket World Cup Jersey Revealed

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has revealed the Star Nation Jersey. The spectacular event at Lahore’s renowned Gaddafi Stadium, headed by Mr Zaka Ashraf, Chairman of the PCB Management Committee, represented a watershed point in Pakistan’s national cricket team’s preparations for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

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About Pakistan’s World Cup 2023 Kit

The Star Nation Jersey is more than just a piece of apparel; it represents a bond beyond threads and seams. Each star engraved onto the jersey represents brilliance, desire, and the dazzling light of cricketing triumphs, drawing inspiration from celestial bodies.

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This design philosophy reflects the spirit of cricketing greatness, reverberating inside the hearts of every enthusiastic Pakistani cricket lover.

Zaka Ashraf’s Insight

Mr Zaka Ashraf, the PCB Management Committee’s driving force, gave his thoughts on the Star Nation Jersey, saying.

“This jersey is a monument to the enduring link between our players and the enthusiastic supporters who remain by their side through every wicket and success.” It highlights our illustrious cricketing history as well as the exciting future that lies ahead.”

Usman Waheed’s Statement

Usman Waheed, Director of Commercials at PCB, added:

“The Star Nation Jersey surpasses the limits of mere uniformity. It’s a painting stitched with devotion, sacrifice, and triumph stories. Each star imprinted on this shirt represents our supporters’ steadfast devotion and the illustrious heritage of our cricketing greats. Every thread and stitch has been painstakingly designed to instil tremendous pride in every Pakistani heart.”

Where can you buy it?

The PCB’s official online store, shop.pcb.com.pk, opens its doors for pre-orders of the Star Nation Jersey. This jersey is more than just a piece of apparel; it serves as a conduit for fans to show their support for their favourite cricketers.

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Every individual sporting the shirt expresses loyalty to the cricketing legacy and the collective desire for victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.


The Star Nation Jersey represents unity and hope for Pakistanis, reflecting their determination in cricket.

Every aspect of the jersey, from the cosmic inspiration to the careful craftsmanship, emphasizes the unbreakable relationship between cricketers and their fans. This revelation signifies a watershed moment in Pakistan’s cricketing history, intersecting with the cosmic promise of yet-to-beats.

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