PCB: Too early to say anything about World Cup Schedule

Fans are waiting for the cricket world cup, and the newly released preliminary schedule has supporters buzzing with anticipation. But it appears that the tale is more complex than it first appears. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been coy while teasing a closer examination of the prospective matches, notably the much-awaited encounter between Pakistan and India.

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This blog delves into the worries and factors regarding Pakistan’s World Cup participation and why it is premature to conclude the schedule. Prepare to unravel the secrets and learn why this World Cup adventure carries more fascination than you would have thought.

Understanding the Tentative Schedule

According to the PCB official, the suggested timetable will be thoroughly assessed. This also means that ICC had sent them this schedule.

The participating nations will offer their opinions and reactions to the suggested matches, paying close attention to the matchups involving their own country.

Therefore, at this time, it would be improper to make remarks on Pakistan’s proposed matches.

Pakistan’s ODI World Cup Campaign

According to the suggested schedule, Pakistan’s ODI World Cup campaign would start with matches against already qualified nations.

The Green Shirts are anticipated to play back-to-back games in Hyderabad on October 6 and 12.

They will next play India in Ahmedabad on October 15 before playing Australia in Bengaluru on October 20 and Afghanistan in Chennai on October 23.

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Additional Matches

According to the suggested schedule, Pakistan’s game against South Africa is planned on October 27 in Chennai. On October 31, a game against Bangladesh will occur in Kolkata as a follow-up.

Pakistan will play against New Zealand on 5 November. And their match against England is on November 12 in Kolkata.

Pakistan will play 9 games against the teams. The top winners will go for the semis.

Board’s Deliberation and Government Approval

According to the PCB official, the Board will address the timeline internally in the following days. Additionally, if required, official approval will be requested.

The insider highlighted that without consent from the government, the PCB alone could not decide whether Pakistan would participate in India.

Therefore, Government approval is a significant aspect that must be considered.

Security Concerns

The PCB raises concerns about the safety of Pakistani cricket players in India. This case is especially in light of potential threats from radical Hindus.

Even if the government allows them authorization to play in India, the board has asked the ICC for guarantees about the team’s safety.

The players’ safety is a primary issue, and Geoff Allardice, the chief executive of the International Cricket Council, has highlighted the need to create a secure atmosphere for all participants.


Although the newly released preliminary schedule for the ICC World Cup has sparked interest and expectation, it is still too early to draw firm conclusions regarding Pakistan’s prospective matchups.

The PCB solicits input from participating nations while thoroughly evaluating the timetable. The necessity to handle important elements such as government permission and assurances about player safety is also necessary.

Cricket fans must wait patiently for the formal announcement of the World Cup schedule while anxiously anticipating additional developments.

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