Shaheen Afridi Designs Lahore Qalandars Logo

You must remember when we told you that the Qalandar’s skipper was designing the Lahore Qalandars kit for PSL.

Well, there has been progress in that story. The Lahore Qalandars 2024 Team has shown snippets from the whole design process. Shaheen Afridi has revealed the Lahore Qalandars logo on the outfits. The fun part is that he designed that himself with the help of designers. Isn’t it exciting? No other cricket franchise in the world has done it. This shows how inclusive the environment is in PSL and Lahore Qalandars.

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To know more about the news, continue reading because this is exciting!

Shaheen Afridi Designs Lahore Qalandars Logo

Shaheen is the skipper who took the Qalandars out of their 6 years long misery. The franchise had been performing poorly since the inception of this tournament. Even though they had some of the strongest teams on paper, they couldn’t perform well on the ground.

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It may have been due to a lack of leadership skills from the former skipper Sohail Akhtar. Or it may have been due to something else. Regardless, now the Qalandars are the reigning champions, and the man who made it happen is their captain Shaheen.

Shaheen Afridi Designs Lahore Qalandars Logo

As you can see in the image above, Afridi has revealed the logo for the team. He is also designing the team’s kit this year. Of course, he is getting help from a team of designers to do so. But he decides on the theme, the design, and everything. Then Qalandar’s creative team puts it on paper for him. We will see how the kit design turns out soon.

For now, the Lahore Qalandars have posted a video on their social media accounts in which the skipper is showing off the logo that he designed. This logo will be on the Lahore Qalandars kits and jerseys. You will be able to buy the merchandise from their official store. And whenever you wear this year’s kit, remember that it was none other than Shaheen Shah Afridi who designed it. No other sports franchise has done it in the world. At least not that we know. If you know about it, share it with us in the comments section.

The team owner is also very excited about this whole activity. He told the media:

“Shaheen Shah Afridi is our leader and captain. Shaheen is also preparing the new kit of Lahore Qalandars”

He also claimed that his design would blow our minds, just like his bowling with the new ball. Let’s see if he can rattle our minds with the kit just like he destroys those wickets.

Final words

We will see the results of these designing skills on 13 February, when the defending champs and his team Lahore Qalandars will face off when he hosts Multan Sultans in Multan Cricket Stadium. Let’s see how they kickstart their campaign for this year. The defending champions will be going out with high morale. While the hosts, Multan Sultans, will have all the support from the crowd. Happy PSL season, guys!

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