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Big Bash League(BBL 2019-20) Schedule,Date Time,Fixtures, Venue

Good News for cricket fans and lovers that most popular T20 cricket league that will be coming in December 2019, can all of you know that’s the most famous cricket league.

Big Bash League, and if all of you wanna complete information about bbl schedule 2019-20 with complete details, then carry on to read this article till the end👇👇👇

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  • BBL 2019-20
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In this section we are going to talk about this BBL, Can you know BBL?? so  BBL is the T20 Cricket League that will be hosted by Australia, and it was started from 2011. Mean Cricket Australia introduced this t20 big bash league and 1st session started in 2011. Can you wanna know about the bbl result 2019? whose win bbl 2019?? (Hobart Hurricanes)

There were be a total of 8 sessions of bbl has been done so after the successful finished the 8th session of bbl, now Australia Cricket Board deciding and planning for the next session of big bash league. This KFC Twenty 20 big bash and eight based franchise will be introduced, mean can we say that total witch teams will be contributed in t20 big bash league.


This is Australian Cricket T20 League that will be starting from December 2018 and  total 8 teams or franchise will have participated in BBL 2019-20

Big Bash League 2019-20 Teams

  1. Melbourne Stars
  2. Melbourne Renegades
  3. Sydney Thunder
  4. Sydney Sixers
  5. Brisbane Heat
  6. Adelaide Strikers
  7. Hobart Hurricanes
  8. Perth Scorchers


As we told above that big bash cricket league that is T20 format and eight teams will be involved, so there will be a total of 59 matches played between then, here below complete schedule  & bbl time table will be given.PSL Schedule 2020

big bash league


  • Sydney Sixers ( SS )
  • Perth Scorchers ( PS )
  • Adelaide Strikers ( AS )
  • Sydney Thunder ( ST )
  • Melbourne Stars ( MS )
  • Hobart Hurricanes ( HH )
  • Melbourne Renegades ( MR )
  • Brisbane Heat ( BH )

These Short Words are used as the short names of big bash teams name, that will be described in below table, that’s why easy express in table form because in table form full teams name will be difficult to write

BBL Team                                 Date/Time                              Venue

BH Vs ST                                  17th Dec 2019( 7:10 pm)                The Gabba
SS Vs PS                                    18th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                      SCG

MR Vs ST                                  19th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                  Geelong

HH Vs SS                                  20th Dec 2019(2:45 pm)             Alice Springs

BH Vs MS                                 20th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)              Gold Coast

ST Vs AS                                  21th Dec 2019(6:10 pm)                       TBC

PS Vs MR                                21th Dec 2019(9:10 pm)                  Perth Stadium

MS Vs HH                              22th Dec 2019(2:45 pm)                       TBC

SS Vs BH                               22th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                         SCG

PS Vs AS                                23rd Dec 2019( 7:10 pm)                  Adelaide Oval

HH Vs MR                            24th Dec 2019(2:45 pm)                     Bellerive

SS Vs PS                               26th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                Perth Stadium

AS Vs MS                             27th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                    Gold Coast

SS Vs ST                             28th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                          SCG

AS Vs MR                           29th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                     Docklands

MS Vs HH                          30th Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                    UTAS Stadium

ST Vs AS                             31st Dec 2019(7:10 pm)                     Adelaide Oval

BH Vs PS                           1st Jan 2020(7:10 pm )                       Gold Coast

ST Vs MS                           2nd Jan 2020(3:40 pm)                Sydney Showground

SS Vs MR                          2nd Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                            Docklands

BH Vs HH                        3rd Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                            Bellerive

MR Vs MS                        4th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                             MCG

SS Vs AS                           5th Jan 2020(6:40 pm)                             TBC

HH Vs PS                         5th Jan 2020(9:40 pm)                            Perth Stadium

BH Vs ST                         6th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                    Sydney Showground

MR Vs PS                        7th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                               Geelong

SS Vs AS                          8th Jan 2020(3:40 pm)                              Adelaide Oval

MS Vs ST                        8th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                 MCG

BH Vs HH                      9th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                 Gabba

MR Vs MS                     10th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                              Docklands

HH Vs ST                      11th Jan 2020(6:10 pm)                     Sydney Showground

PS Vs BH                     11th Jan 2020(9:10 pm)                            Perth Stadium

AS Vs MR                   12th Jan 2020(3:40 pm)                          Adelaide Oval

MS VS SS                    12th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                    MCG

PS Vs HH                   13th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                              Bellerive

BH Vs AS                     14th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                Gabba

ST  Vs MR                   15th Jan 2020(6:10 pm)                                 TBC

PS Vs MS                    15th Jan 2020(9:10 pm)                              Perth Stadium

HH Vs SS                    16th Jan 2020(9:10 pm)                                SCG

AS Vs BH                     17th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                Adelaide Oval

MS Vs PS                    18th Jan  2020(3:40 pm)                                MCG

ST VS SS                    18th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                        Sydney Showground

HH Vs As                   19th Jan 2020(9:45 pm)                              UTAS Stadium
BH Vs MR                 19th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                    Gabba

SS Vs Ms                    20th Jan 2020(6:40 pm)                                    SCG

ST Vs PS                    20th Jan 2020(9:40 pm)                                Perth Stadium

HH Vs MR                 21th Jan 2020(7:10 pm )                                Docklands

MS Vs AS                  22nd Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                  Adelaide Oval

SS Vs BH                   23rd Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                    Gabba

ST Vs HH                   24th Jan 2020(3:40 pm)                                  Bellerive

PS Vs AS                    24th Jan 2020(9:10 pm)                                  Perth Stadium

SS Vs MR                  25th Jan 2020(3:40 pm)                                          SCG

MS Vs BH                 25th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                          MCG

SS Vs PS                    26th Jan 2020(2:45 pm)                        Sydney Showground

HH Vs AS                 26th Jan 2020(7:10 pm)                                     Adelaide Oval

MR Vs BH                27th Jan 2020(2:45 pm)                                     Docklands


4th Placed Vs 5th Placed                              30th Jan 2020                                TBC

1st Placed Vs 2nd Place                                 31st Jan 2020                                 TBC

3rd-placed Vs winner of the eliminator       1st Feb 2020                                TBC

The loser of qualifier Vs Winner-knockout         6th Feb 2020                       TBC

Winner(A) Vs winner(B)                                       8th Feb 2020                         TBC


As bbl 2019 will be started in December, so it will continue in 2020 as shown above full schedule that’s for both 2019-20. Because of KFC big bash mostly held at the end of the year in Australia. IPL Schedule 2020

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