ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Trophy

Prepare to be enthralled as the ICC announce the Trophy Tour 2023. This voyage begins in awe-inspiring fashion, with the trophy soaring to unknown heights and collecting magnificent photos from the Earth’s atmosphere.

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The trip, which will visit 18 nations, is expected to bring together cricket fans worldwide. It will develop community participation and promote the sport.

27 June to 14 July India
15 to 16 July New Zealand
17 to18 July Australia
19 to21 July Papua New Guinea
22 to 24 July India
25 to 27 July USA
28 to 30 July West Indies
31 July to 4 August Pakistan
5 to 6 August Sri Lanka
7 to 9 August Bangladesh
10 to 11 August Kuwait
12 to 13 August Bahrain
14 to 15 August India
16 to 18 August Italy
19 to 20 August France
21 to 24 August England
25 to 26 August Malaysia
27 to 28 August Uganda
29 to 30 August Nigeria
31 August to 3 September South Africa
Monday, September 4, 2023 India

Join us as we dig into the specifics of this historic trip. This tour demonstrates the ability of cricket to inspire and engage millions worldwide. And trust me! When I say that the trophy is reaching new heights, it is reaching new heights.

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Soaring to New Heights

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour 2023 began with the trophy connected to a balloon, climbing to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere in a breathtaking display of creativity.

The trophy set out on its globe voyage from a lofty height of around 120,000 feet, gathering magnificent images with cutting-edge 4k cameras.

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This breathtaking launch represents not only the scale of the event but also the hopes of millions of cricket fans worldwide.

An Unprecedented Tour

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour is set to be the most comprehensive and complete tour in the tournament’s history.

The trip spans 18 nations and includes:

  • Pakistan
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Malaysia
  • United States
  • Nigeria
  • Uganda
  • France
  • Italy
  • India

The tour seeks to bring the thrill of the World Cup closer to fans from all backgrounds and cultures. This global journey will give cricket fans an unparalleled opportunity to interact with the famous trophy, promoting a sense of togetherness and anticipation among supporters globally.

Promoting Cricket and Inspiring Communities

“The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour is a significant milestone in the countdown to what will be the biggest ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup ever,” said Geoff Allardice.

The trip does more than show off the trophy; it also meets heads of state, launches community projects, and supports cricket development programs.

This comprehensive approach guarantees that the tour catalyses growth and development within the cricket community, creating a lasting impression on prospective players and fans.

A Nation United by Cricket

As the trip begins, anticipation grows in India, the host country for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. The Secretary of BCCI, Jay Shah, stressed cricket’s unifying ability, saying:

“Cricket unifies India like no other sport.”

With the World Cup approaching, the Trophy Tour provides an excellent chance for supporters to participate in the tournament, regardless of their location.

The tour seeks to create excitement and encourage audiences to enjoy the thrill of cricket’s greatest spectacle. How will this happen? It will happen by travelling extensively across India and presenting renowned venues, cities, and monuments.

A Journey of Splendor

The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour 2023, which begins on June 27 in India, promises to be an epic journey worldwide. The tour will grab the hearts and minds of cricket fans throughout its route, leaving a path of excitement and expectation in its wake.

The tour will have generated wonderful experiences, honouring the spirit of cricket and connecting fans worldwide by the time it comes to the host nation on September 4.


The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour 2023 has begun excitingly, heightening anticipation for the next big event.

As the trophy goes through 18 nations, it carries the hopes and dreams of millions of cricket fans. This trip allows fans to interact with the famous trophy and promotes cricket at all levels, supporting growth and motivating communities.

With the trip covering India and its unique sites, excitement for the World Cup reaches a new high.

As the trip proceeds, cricket fans worldwide anxiously anticipate their chance to see the splendour and importance of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy up close and personal.

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