Is it time for Abrar to make an entry?

Pakistan’s Shadab Khan recently suffered a concussion during a critical match, raising questions about the team’s composition. While we wait for more information on Shadab’s health, let’s discuss a new player, Abrar Ahmed.

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Shadab Khan was hurt during a match against South Africa when he fell on his shoulder and struck his head on the ground. This was his third concussion in less than a year. As a result, the cricket officials determined that it was better for his health to sit out the game against Bangladesh. It is critical to emphasize a player’s safety.

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Usama Mir was brought to substitute for Shadab Khan in the Bangladesh encounter. He’s a capable player and a terrific all-arounder. Can he, however, honestly fill Shadab Khan’s shoes in the forthcoming matches?

Should PCT get Abrar on the team?

While Usama Mir is an excellent player, another fascinating alternative is Abrar Ahmed. He’s a gifted mystery spinner who excelled in local and club cricket. Experts believe he has the potential to play at the international level.

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Abrar’s spin bowling abilities are outstanding. He can make the ball spin quickly and bounce unpredictably, making it difficult for batters to face him. The main issue is whether he can manage the pressures of international cricket.

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Given Shadab Khan’s history of concussions, it’s reasonable to consider including Abrar Ahmed in the team. His bowling might provide the squad with a competitive advantage, particularly in situations when spin bowling is vital. Having a variety of spin alternatives might help us confuse the opposition team and take vital wickets.

Abrar is more than a terrific bowler; he can also field and bat when needed. These abilities make him a significant asset in shorter game styles.


Abrar’s inclusion in the squad would give us a better spin-bowling assault and an opportunity for a young player to show himself. The final choice, however, will be made by the selectors and team management, who will carefully weigh the benefits and downsides.

Cricket may be unpredictable. Shadab Khan’s injury has prompted debates regarding the team’s lineup and the prospective inclusion of young players like Abrar Ahmed. We’ll see if Abrar has an opportunity to shine on the big stage as Pakistan’s World Cup campaign continues.

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