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Naseem Shah forced his brothers into Islamabad United

Naseem Shah, a well-known Pakistani bowler, will be joined in Islamabad United by his brothers Hunain Shah and Ubaid Shah. This is the first time three siblings will be on the same PSL squad, which adds an intriguing twist. Islamabad United selected the Shah brothers in the PSL draft on December 13.

ISLU picked Hunain Shah, a 20-year-old pacer, and Ubaid Shah, a brilliant U19 cricketer. People are waiting to see if the Shah brothers can play together, adding a familial tie to the squad.

However, is there any nepotism at play here?

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When speaking to the media in Lahore, Naseem Shah made it clear that he had no say in bringing his brothers to Islamabad United. He stated that he is not the primary decision-maker and that his brothers earned their positions via hard work.

This approach is part of a trend in which families play an essential role in cricket, fostering a sense of unity in teams. Hunain Shah has played local cricket for the past two years and brings experience to Islamabad United.

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Ubaid Shah has drawn notice due to his outstanding exploits in youth cricket and the U19 Asia Cup. With the three Shah brothers, Islamabad United has a formidable bowling lineup.

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The Shah brothers will add a unique twist to HBL PSL 9. Cricket fans anticipate their influence on the pitch as they prepare to play together. Naseem Shah has emphasized the importance of hard work. And I think we should echo his thoughts. With the Shah brothers, this season will be interesting for Islamabad United.

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