Sindh High Court barred Geo Super from broadcasting HBL PSL 2024

The PSL 8 season has been dogged by controversy since its inception, with the most recent development being the Sindh High Court’s decision to prevent Geo Super from airing PSL matches. This blog will explore the topic and discuss the verdict’s ramifications. So, let’s get this party started.

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Cricket is, without a doubt, Pakistan’s most major sport, and its reputation grows with each new year. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is one of the most sought events in the country for cricket fans. The PSL 2024 event, on the other hand, is not without controversy. The newest issue is the Sindh High Court (SHC) decision, which prohibits Geo Super from airing PSL matches. Let’s go deeper into the topic and comprehend its consequences.

Background of the Issue

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has agreed to telecast PSL games on Pakistan Television (PTV) and ARY News. Instead, Geo Super began showing PSL matches, prompting ARY News to file a case.

The SHC examined the contract and determined that Geo Super cannot stream PSL season 8 games without the right to broadcast. The court said continuing to broadcast PSL games on Geo Super would be considered contempt of court.

Reasons Behind the SHC Verdict

According to ARY News’ attorney, Barrister Ayan Memon, Geo Super made a low proposal for the media rights to the PSL. This indicates Geo Super had no right to broadcast the games from the beginning. After examining the agreement, the SHC issued its decision, and it was evident that Geo Super was airing the games without the necessary rights. Hence, the SHC restricted Geo Super from airing the PSL games further.

Implications of the Verdict

The SHC’s decision has far-reaching repercussions for Geo Super and cricket fans throughout the country. Geo Super is among Pakistan’s most popular sports networks, and the PSL is one of its most important tournaments.

Geo Super’s streaming rights have been revoked due to the SHC decision, and the station will no longer be able to show the matches. This implies that millions of cricket fans watching the PSL on Geo Super will now need to watch the games on other networks.

On the other hand, the ruling has safeguarded the rights of ARY News and PTV, who had struck a deal with the PCB to telecast PSL matches. The judgment has also sent a signal to other networks and companies to respect the rights of the permitted presenters and not trespass on their rights. This will create a precedent for future incidents and guarantee that similar conflicts are settled peacefully.


The SHC decision has dramatically impacted the current PSL  campaign. The ruling prevents Geo Super from airing the games, and the station must respect the rights of authorized broadcasters. The ruling has reminded other networks to preserve licensed broadcasters’ privileges and not encroach on them. The PSL 8 competition features

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