Venue for Pakistan vs India decided – Asia Cup 2023

The stage has been prepared for the Asia Cup 2023, including the long-awaited confrontation between cricketing superpowers Pakistan and India. Fans are giddy with excitement now that the location of this great clash has been determined.

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This blog will reveal exciting facts about the chosen site and a sneak peek at the tournament’s program. Prepare for an action-packed cricket spectacular with you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss out on the excitement – keep reading for the most recent details on the Asia Cup 2023!

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Dambulla Cricket Stadium – Pakistan vs India

The authorities have claimed we will see India vs. Pakistan match in Dambulla. They will announce the entire schedule later. You can now see the overall track record for India vs Pakistan matches. Or this is India’s record against Pakistan in the tournament.

Pakistan vs. India Asia Cup 1984-2018
Total matches 13
India won 7
India lost 5
India’s win percentage 53.84

The Asia Cup 2023 Schedule Finalized

The Asia Cup 2023 itinerary has been deliberately constructed to present a thrilling cricket spectacle. From August 31 to September 17, 13 One Day International (ODI) matches will be contested.

Start date Thursday, August 31, 2023
End date Sunday, September 17, 2023
Venues Pakistan and Sri Lanka
Number of matches 13
Format Group stage and the super-four stage

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal are among the competing teams. Let’s take a closer look at the tournament setup and the possible matches.

A Blend of Pakistan and Sri Lanka

A hybrid approach has been established for the Asia Cup 2023 to provide a peaceful and competitive event. India declined to travel to Pakistan for the event due to security concerns. As a result, the matches will be played in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Four exciting matches will be played in Pakistan, while the rest matches, including the high-stakes game between India and Pakistan, will be played in Sri Lanka.

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Pakistan, known for its genuine cricket fans and great cricketing skill, will host four exciting matches. The matches in Pakistan are expected to be hosted in the ancient city of Lahore, which would offer an added element of excitement for local fans.

Pakistan’s sole home encounter with Nepal promises to be a showcase of ability and passion in the field. Cricket fans may also look forward to exciting matches between Afghanistan and Bangladesh, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Debunking Security Concerns

People always discuss security measures when we talk about tournaments in Pakistan. However, you can see that the government is doing everything it possibly can to solve these issues.

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The Minister of Inter-Provincial Coordination, Ehsan-ur-Rehman Mazari, disputed that Pakistan is a hazardous location for cricket. Mazari emphasized the presidential-level protection given during the successful visits of teams such as New Zealand and England.

Furthermore, he chastised India for combining politics with sports. He said that security concerns were a lame justification for not coming to Pakistan.


Okay, the BCCI and PCB have settled their differences, FOR ONCE. All we have to do is buy the tickets and prepare for the games. Fans all across the world are excited for the tournament.

The Asia Cup 2023 promises to celebrate the sport we all love, whether it’s the fiery confrontation between Pakistan and India or the contests between other powerful teams.

Stay tuned for updates, and prepare to see one of the best tournaments in the history of Asia Cups. Let the fun begin!

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