India Squad for ICC World Cup 2023 [Announced]

India’s cricket world cup squad for 2023 is always ready to perform. Especially if the world cup is being played at their home, the quest to re-do what they did in 2011, will they win it again just like the cricket world cup 2011 played in India?

Well, we can only give a definitive answer after we have looked at the cricket world cup squad. And this is exactly what we will do in this article. We will not only predict what India may look like in this world cup but also share some interesting stats about India in the world Cup. So stay tuned if you are interested.

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So what are you waiting for? Hop on.

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India’s Cricket World Cup Stats

Let’s start the blog with something interesting. We all love the Indian team and have supported it all these years. And the world cups is where the Indian team shines the most. Especially if it is played at their home, because who can neglect the home-ground advantage?

Here is a table showing some interesting tidbits of India from world cups all these years

Highest score Scored 417 against Bermuda in the 2007 world cup
Lowest score 125 against the Aussies in the 2003 world cup
Largest victory Won with 257 runs against Bermuda in the 2007 world cup
With 10 wickets against East Africa in the 1975 world cup
Most runs Sachin Tendulkar (2278 runs)
Wickets record Zaheer khan (44)
Most dismissals MS Dhoni (42)

India CWC squad 2023

India has announced their official world cup squad. But we have some predictions for you. You will enjoy it a lot since these are some players who have shown great performances in recent years. Maybe it is the far-sightedness of Indian team management that is paying off. There are so many talented players!

India cricket world cup squad 2023
Player name Role
Virat Kohli Batsman
Rohit Sharma Batsman
Shubham Gil Batsman
Shikhar Dhawan Batsman
Ishan Kishan Wicket-keeper Batsman
KL Rahul Batsman
Shreyas Iyer Batsman
Rishabh Pant Wicket-keeper Batsman
Hardik Pandya All-rounder
Suryakumar Yadav All-rounder
Ravinder Jadeja All-rounder
Axar Patel Left-arm spinner
Yuzvendra Chahal Legspinner
Kuldeep Yadav Left arm Chinaman
Jasprit Bumrah Pacer
Prasidh Krishna Pacer
Arshdeep Singh Pacer

Now, let’s talk about them in detail.


The top-order batsmen have generally been India’s foundation in ODIs. However, there has been discussion about whether India needs to play more aggressively upfront.  Indians have focused on it for 3 years, which has resulted in India becoming the second-fastest team in the powerplay.

With King Kohli and Rohit in the top order, I do not think we need to discuss it anymore.

As far as the middle order is concerned, India would not want a replay of the last world cup, when they were vulnerable midway into the semi-finals due to an inexperienced middle order. However, the current middle-order seems to be doing well.

Like always, the batsmen will be a force to be reckoned with in the world cup for India.


With All-rounders like Pandya and Jadeja, we do not think India needs anything else, so this department is already occupied. If young all-rounders like Yadav need to get a team spot, they must prove themselves.


In the spin bowling department, Axar and Kuldeep have already made a solid spot for themselves. So if they play in the world cup in 2023, there is no surprise. Axar has vast experience playing IPL. His tight left-arm spin bowling can also control the runs and get some wickets.

While Kuldeep’s unorthodox left-arm bowling is rare, making him a great wicket-taking option because he can deceive the batsmen with his sharp variations.

Fast bowling is something India has never had a grip on, but with bowlers like Bhuvi and Bumrah, they can get wickets with the new ball. Both of them have shown the ability to bowl yorkers consistently, making them a great choice for death overs. Let’s see how this plays out for India.

An analysis – Strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve

Just a quick look towards the squad and you can say that batting is the core of the Indian cricket team. Whether you like it or not, India will rely on their batsmen for this world cup. While spinners can take control of the situation, it is highly unlikely that other players will be uncomfortable playing in the subcontinent conditions now.

IPL is a big thing; with IPL, foreign players have familiarized themselves with the bowling conditions. So, what India should do with these players is control as much as possible when they are bowling, with some strong fielding. And then cover that up with their bombastic batting.

If they do that, they may as well take it back, just like in 2011

Final words – Our prediction for India’s performance

India looks pretty good in this world cup. They are already at the No. 1 spot in the ODI rankings. Plus, they have a massive home advantage. Stadiums will be full of fans chanting for their team and favourite players. Indian batting lineup is suitable for these sorts of conditions. In my opinion, they are one of the top contenders for the cricket world cup 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that the netizens asked about the Indian squad. If you have more, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section.

Who will lead India in the 2023 World Cup?

Rohit Sharma will lead the ODI squad in the ICC Cricket world cup 2023

Can India win the 2023 World Cup?

They can win the tournament if they take the home advantage and focus on their strengths and weaknesses.

Who qualified for World Cup 2023?

Thirteen teams are competing in the super league. The top 8 teams from the super league will qualify directly, while the rest of the 5 teams will have to play the qualifier. The top 2 from that qualifier will play in the world cup in 2023.

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