Haris Rauf may not play against England

BREAKING NEWS – Pakistani spearhead Haris Rauf may not play against England on 11 November 2023. This is because the fast bowler complained about pain in his ribs, and the management rushed him to a local hospital in Kolkata.

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The hospital tested Haris Rauf for a potential sprain in his ribs. If tests come out positive, this could mean bad news for the Pakistan cricket team. They are already struggling for the number 4 spot on the points table. Going into a must-win match without Haris Rauf would be detrimental, as Haris has been effective in the death overs.

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A rib sprain in cricket can restrict a fast bowler by creating pain, limiting movement, lowering power and speed, interrupting rhythm and control, and raising the chance of aggravation. A sprain can impair a bowler’s ability to breathe correctly, resulting in diminished endurance and possibly tiredness throughout extended intervals.

Pakistan and other cricket teams in the Cricket World Cup have already suffered many injuries. Haris might be another addition to that long list.

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