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What happened with Angelo Mathews?

This has happened for the first time in International cricket. The umpire timed Out Angelo Mathews during the match against Bangladesh in Delhi. We will tell you what it means, how it happened, and why it happened. This has sparked a debate on social media.

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This is the 38th match of the tournament; Shakib Al Hasan has just taken Sadeera Samarawikrama’s wicket, and Sri Lanka is five down. Angelo Mathews, the most experienced cricketer in the team, was coming out to bat and save his team from another collapse. However, he was a bit too late.

The tournament rules suggest that the batter has to come out on the field to face the ball within 2 minutes of the previous batter getting out or being retired hurt. But there was some problem with Angelo Mathew’s helmet.

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The strap of the helmet was broken. Mathews did come on the field. However, he was adjusting the strap. This took a lot of his time. He didn’t come to face the ball. Mathews was waiting for another helmet. Meanwhile, Shakib appealed to the umpire for time out.

It was according to the rule.

ICC rules suggest that the batter has to face a ball within two minutes. As per that rule, the umpire declared Mathews “Timed Out.” Mathews did debate with umpires and the Bangladesh Skipper. Shakib Al Hasan listened to him. However, he politely declined his protests. This frustrated Mathews. He left the field, throwing away his helmet.

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The commentator at that moment, Waqar Younis, said this is against the spirit of cricket. While Ramiz Raja suggested, this should give some passion to the Lankans to play their top cricket.

What’s your call?

It has only happened six times throughout the sport’s history. And all of that happened during the first class games. But this was the first time it happened in international cricket. What is your opinion on it?

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