Pakistan vs India match may not happen on 2 September

Uncertain skies loom over the India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup clash as the weather department forecasted rain that day. The countdown to Pakistan and India’s high-voltage encounter in the Asia Cup 2023 has cricket fans on the edge.

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However, a veil of doubt has descended as weather projections raise worries regarding the September 2 contest. The much-anticipated match, which is extremely important to supporters on both sides of the border, maybe at the mercy of Mother Nature.

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The likelihood of severe thunderstorms anticipated for the day might dampen the atmosphere around the Pakistan-India match.

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According to the BBC, there is a 70% probability of rain on September 2 in Kandy, the location for the match. The forecast shows high cloud cover lurking over the stadium throughout the day, putting doubt on the viability of a full-fledged game.

According to the full weather forecast, Kandy will likely see overcast conditions with periodic light to moderate rainfall till at least September 8. Furthermore, severe rain is expected Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday.

This raises fears about a possible delay in the much-anticipated battle, which supporters have been looking forward to.

Hopefully, things will get better. This match is too good and entertaining to be wiped away due to rain. Hope for the best!

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