Ben Stokes may not play tomorrow

The cricketing world is buzzing with murmurs and gossip. The big question: Will Ben Stokes, the World Cup star in 2019, play in the 2023 opener in Ahmedabad? The suspense only grows as the clock ticks.

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Stokes made a roaring return after being named Player of the Match in the epic 2019 World Cup final between England and New Zealand. Indeed, his searing 182 against New Zealand in August demonstrated his consistency. This performance thrust him into the spotlight for the 2023 edition.

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But, as we all know, cricket is unpredictable on and off the field. Stokes has been a shining example of brilliance, but a chronic knee issue has been his Achilles heel.

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Due to his injuries, he was forced to adapt to a specialist hitting role. But that isn’t all. Stokes was absent from the warm-up game against Bangladesh,, which sparked much debate on social media. What’s the reason? A troubling hip problem.

“It’s not the time to take big risks on someone at the start of the tournament. So, what’s the verdict on Stokes? We’ll make the right call. If he’s not fit to play, he’s not fit to play.”

Jos Buttler on Ben Stokes

Replacement for Ben Stokes

If Stokes does not cut, who will be the knight in shining armor? Here comes Harry Brook. This young gun has been making his mark in Test and T20 cricket, and he’s now in line for the No. 4 batting spot.

“He’s at the outset of an impressive international career. It’s a format that should be ideal for him. And quite deservedly so. Brook appears poised to fill any future vacuum, with a remarkable ability to play extended innings and an extensive set of strokes.”

England captain talking about Stokes replacement.


The stage has been set. The stakes are high. Stokes’ probable involvement remains the most critical issue. But, with or without him, the English side appears to have a strategy.

One thing is sure. Whether or not Stokes plays, the first encounter promises to be a nail-biter. So, as we count the hours, let us hope for a game that, like the 2019 final, will live on in our memory.

Join us tomorrow to see if the cricketing icon enters the field or Harry Brook, the rising sensation, takes over. In the end, it is cricket that triumphs. And as fans, we couldn’t be happier.

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