ICC Cricket World Cup Live Score 2023

Are you having problems with watching the cricket matches live? No issues. After reading our article, you can follow the match even if you are not watching it on your laptop or TV.

The Cricket World Cup 2023 will kick start on 5 October 2023, and the fans are already excited about the mega-event. This cricket season is going to be fun and exciting. But you can add fun and excitement to your experience by following the matches via live score updates.

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But how can you do that? Or why should you even do that? We will answer all of these questions in our article today. So keep reading. This is a gold mine for you and all the fellow cricket fans.

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Don’t trust me? Well, you will after you have read till the conclusion. So, without any further jibber jabber, let’s start with the new ball and swing it hard.

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Why get live scores?

There are many reasons why fans use live score updates to follow the match rather than live streaming. And most of the time, the reason is that they cannot watch the live due to work, studies, or their internet is too patchy. Well, whatever the reason, live score updates are pretty cool. Here’s why:

Match Analysis

Firstly, you can analyze the match and look up the key analytics and numbers. This will help you stay ahead of your friends and know the key insights they might have missed if they watched the matches live.

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Stay informed

It is quite a bummer if you cannot watch the matches live. You can stay informed about the match using the live score updates. Some websites and applications can give you a ball-by-ball analysis and let you stay informed about the match.

Key moments

You can identify the key moments in the game. According to the context, it might be a bowling spell, a partnership, or any important stat. Live score updates help you catch up with these key moments. Some websites even have a specific section for highlights.

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We kept talking about certain apps and websites, didn’t we? Let’s jump to the next section and find out how to get live score updates.

How to watch live score of Cricket World Cup matches 2023?

There are many websites and applications that you can use to watch live cricket updates. Here, we will tell you about these avenues and how to use them. There is no excuse not to follow the sport.


These are the websites that you can follow to get the live updates.


This one is an Indian website. But you will like it because it has more detailed and structured score updates. You can switch to highlights, full-match commentary, live updates, scorecards, and more. It is on par with ESPN, but the structure for the live updates makes it the best website for live score.

ESPN Cricinfo

ESPN Cricinfo is the oldest dog around here. Most of the people use it. It is engaging, fun to use, and much more detailed when tracking the stats, points table, partnerships, videos, match previews, articles, schedules, and more on a single page. Yes, you can get this information on a single web page.

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Cricket Pakistan

This is a Pakistan-based website. This website is for you if you want a simplistic view and faster updates because of your patchy internet. The user interface is pretty great. Everything that you may want to see is easily accessible. Partnerships, scorecards, simple commentary, it has it all. Plus, you will get quick updates on Pakistan cricket here.


These are the applications that you can use for the live scores.

ESPN Cricinfo

This app features sports from across the world. You may check live scores, listen to play-by-play commentary, get updates and notifications, read news, see video highlights, etc.

It’s like a one-stop sports app. You may also customize it to track your favourite sports solely. Some users have reported connectivity issues with the app, but it otherwise functions and looks excellent.


Cricbuzz is the most popular app for checking cricket results on Android. It acts as your cricket companion, providing you with instant score updates, real-time commentary, forthcoming match schedules, exciting news, player information, and rankings. It also covers key cricket events such as the IPL, BBL, CPL, and Natwest T20 Blast.

The app’s design is basic and user-friendly, easily passing the test. However, it’s similar to Marmite in that some people enjoy it while others despise the rare bug. It’s a bit of a love-hate relationship.

But here’s the deal: if you’re a cricket lover looking for all the juicy facts, this app has you covered. Oh, and if you live in India, they have a special version just for you.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual follower, Cricbuzz has you covered!

Cricket Exchange

Cricket Exchange is a popular live score application. It covers a wide range of tournaments and leagues, including those for men and women and all forms of cricket games.

Scores are updated extremely instantly, and there is even a play-by-play commentary. You may also see video highlights, learn intriguing statistics, keep up with the latest news, and vote in match polls.

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One fascinating feature is leaderboards, where you can demonstrate your skill at guessing match results. If you truly like this program and want to remove the advertising, a fairly cost premium membership is available.


CricSmith may not be the most flashy or well-known software available, but don’t let that mislead you. It has a clean and simple layout, offers you reliable ratings, and refreshes quickly. This tool is useful for keeping track of a game as it progresses.

It also has some bonuses, such as player data, and will notify you of key times in the game. There’s even some news in there, although it might need more punch.

CricSmith may not win any prizes for fancy features, but if you want simple software that performs what it’s meant to, it’s your go-to.


Because the ICC is the big boss of cricket, the ICC app is the go-to cricket app. This official app contains everything related to cricket.

It discusses both men’s and women’s cricket. You can view every ball and what’s going on in the games. Each team has its section with a wealth of information. You may watch videos, watch competitions, and read the newest news.

However, there is a minor issue: it does not always connect properly. Some even claim that the website is superior. However, we believe the app is adequate.

What’s more, guess what? It’s free, but there are advertisements. The design is also rather appealing.


So, what more excuses do you have for not following this game, eh? I hope you are all as excited for the World Cup as I am. Let’s gather and enjoy the game because it only happens after 4 years. You can follow the live score updates on all these apps and websites. I hope this cricket world cup will be entertaining for you!

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