Pak Vs India Cricket World Cup 2023 Live Streaming

As all of you know, all over the world are waiting for this cricket match between two superstar teams, Pakistan and India; this match is not just looked at by Pakistani and Indian fans but by world cricket lovers.

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If we said that Pak India Match is so emotional, then this would not be wrong; fans from both teams supporters having great spirits, so that s why Pak India Pak is so attractive not in Asia but all over the world.

PAK IND MATCH Live Streaming CWC 2023

Yup, this will be a natural thing and spirit for loving expression to his country. So many fans and supporters are susceptible so that they will have no control over their feelings, then cry and hurt them.


As all cricket lovers know that Pakistan and India’s match is the final match for both teams’ followers, Pakistani fans said that even if Pakistan does not win the World Cup, we are not worried, but not lost from India, and Vice Versa. So this will be known as Pak India Takra. It means in Urdu/Hindi that (Jan Lara do, par match jeet) was the expression from both teams’ supporters. So after losing to India, Pakistani fans felt most hurt.


  • As Pakistan Won the Toss and decided to bowl first, and invited India to open with batting.
  • At this match, day rain came from time to time, so Sarfraz decided to choose this option.
  • India opened with Rohit Sharma and K.L Raul, And from Pakistan, Muhammad Amir Khan was first to bowl, and from the other end, Sarfraz bowled to Shadab.
  • Sarfraz started the match with two main bowlers, one Spiner(Shadab ) and the other with a fast bowler( M.Amir ).
  • India’s players played well, so they gave a big target to chase. That is 336/5 in 50 overs.
  • So Pakistan did not chase this target and 212/6 in 40 Overs, then the rain started according to the DLS Method.
  • So, Pakistan lost to India because of his lousy performance; fielding flopped, catches dropped, Opening Batting Order was not well, so on the behave bowling, we could not win. So the Pakistani team should be thinking and improving their mistakes.


Rohit Sharma was the man of the match of the ICC World Cup; he was the player of the match because he played well and scored 140 runs against the Pakistani team.


The final result of this match was that India won by 89 runs from Pakistan with DSL Method. So India defeated Pakistan.


Here, all of you get full Pak-India match highlights in video form. You can easily watch and download the full match from here if you can miss this match. This is a fantastic match of the Cricket World Cup 2023.

ODI history – Pakistan vs India Rivalry

The cricket battle between India and Pakistan ranks among the most heated in the world. The contests involving India and its neighbor are notorious for their ferocity. It is regarded as the most major competition in the game and is one of the most-watched sporting events. It is frequently referred to as the “El Clásico” of cricket.

As far as the ODI track record is concerned, let’s let the numbers talk

Matches played 132
Pakistan 73
India won 55
The win percentage of Pakistan 55.30
The win percentage of India 41.67

So far, the overall record is in favor of Pakistan, as far as ODIs are concerned. But these are the team’s records as a whole. Let’s talk about some interesting stats. 

Highest totals India scored 356/9
Lowest total India scored 79
Largest victories Pakistan won by  180 runs in 2017
Pakistan won by 9 wickets at hand in 1997
Most runs Sachin scored 2526 runs
Highest scores Saeed Anwar scored 194 in 1997
Most hundreds Salman butt scored 5 100s in 21 matches
Most wickets Wasim Akram has 60 wickets in 47 innings
Best bowling figures Aqib Javed took 7/37 in 1991

What about ICC events?

Now, let’s talk about ICC events. Well, things are not looking good for Pakistan here. Let’s see the Pakistan v India ICC records. India has a superior performance in ICC events, with Pakistan recording its first World Cup victory over India during the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. 

ICC events
Tournament ODI T20 Champions trophy
Matches played 7 7 5
India won 7 5 2
Pakistan won 0 1 3

The latest news! 

In this blog section, you will read the latest news regarding the most famous cricket rivalry ever. 

Test match after 16 years?

For an extended period, the BCCI and PCB have been at odds. The continuing dispute between the organizations is mainly focused on the 2023 Asia Cup, which will be held in Pakistan, and the 2023 ODI World Cup, which will be staged in India.

The Asia Cup 2023 Schedule is also out Now.

In the midst of all that is going on among both cricketing authorities, there is a chance that India and Pakistan will face off in a Test match or a Test series. Sounds both intriguing and complex? However, if the BCCI and the PCB agree, that might occur.

According to recent sources, the MCC and the Australian state are still contemplating organizing an India-Pakistan Test match in Melbourne.

Let’s just hope it ends up happening. Wouldnt that be exciting?

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