Is Rawalpindi Pitch good for cricket? PCB works for a solution

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently addressed complaints regarding the pitches at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. They aim to make the matches more balanced between batters and bowlers. Let’s discuss what they’re doing and how it relates to the ongoing matches of HBL PSL 9.

What’s the deal with Rawalpindi’s pitch?

Recently, Rawalpindi’s pitches have favoured batters. There have been several high-scoring games, with clubs making numerous runs.

This has generated worries that bowlers aren’t given enough opportunities to shine. The PCB is attempting to improve things.

They have instructed the stadium’s curators to create pitches that are fair to both batters and bowlers. They want to ensure that bowlers have a fair opportunity at success as well.

The Punjab Cricket Board wishes to restore balance to cricket in Rawalpindi. They want matches that are engaging for both batsmen and bowlers.

This modification is part of their strategy to make cricket more intense and engaging.

PCB’s solution

The PCB wants fans to continue to enjoy watching cricket. They do not wish to modify the size of the limits.

This ensures spectators may continue to enjoy witnessing close games in which both sides have a chance to win. Now it is up to the stadium’s curators to make this happen.

They need to develop surfaces that are suitable for both batting and bowling. They play a key role in ensuring that the contests are fair and enjoyable.

As Rawalpindi prepares to host PSL 9 matches, everyone is wondering about how the new fields would affect the games. People are eager to see whether the adjustments will make matches more exciting.


The PCB’s efforts demonstrate that they are serious about keeping cricket fair and entertaining for everybody. They seek to make matches more entertaining by creating surfaces that benefit both batters and bowlers. Rawalpindi is ready to host some entertaining games, and fans can’t wait to watch how everything turns out.

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