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Lahore Qalandars bowling is exposed – Azhar Ali

Azhar Ali, a former Pakistan cricket captain, recently discussed the issues that reigning champions Lahore Qalandars have in the ninth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Let’s take a deeper look at Azhar Ali’s comments on Lahore’s bowling difficulties. Lahore Qalandars are having a difficult time in PSL season nine. They have lost three games in a row and are presently ranked sixth. Azhar Ali explained why Lahore is struggling, particularly with their bowling.

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Azhar Ali analyzes Lahore Qalandars so far

Azhar Ali gave his perspective on why Lahore is failing. He cited two major reasons: the unavailability of their top leg-spinner Rashid Khan and decisions taken by their skipper, Shaheen Afridi.

According to Azhar Ali, Rashid Khan is much missed in Lahore. Without him, their bowling feels weaker, especially in the midst of the game when it matters the most.

Azhar Ali also discussed Shaheen Afridi’s decisions as captain. He noted that there looked to be some uncertainty between the bowlers and the skipper, which resulted in blunders on the field.

Azhar Ali stated that Lahore’s top bowlers, Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf, had not been producing consistently well. He believes they should do better and be more disciplined.

Azhar Ali believes that due to a lack of resources, Lahore would face further challenges in the future. He feels they should consider how they might develop and perform better in the remainder of the competition.

Concluding remarks

Azhar Ali’s comments demonstrate that the Lahore Qalandars have some work to do, particularly in their bowling. It is critical that they listen to comments and make improvements to improve their performance in the remaining PSL matches. With hard work and collaboration, they still have an opportunity to turn things around and win the championship.

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