Mumbai Indians Women bag another win – WPL 2024

In the current Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024, Mumbai Indians Women (MIW) demonstrated their supremacy once more, this time with a superb bowling performance that set the stage for another victory. Let’s go into the specifics of their incredible victory.

Mumbai Indians Women bowling – First Innings

MIW demonstrated their intent when they won the toss and chose to bowl first against their opponents. Their selection proved correct, as MIW’s premier pacer, Ismail, struck early, removing Veda and Harleen

Deol with two stunning inswingers that sent them back to the pavilion with LBW rulings. This early defeat placed GGT on the back foot from the start.

In the middle overs of the game, MIW’s spinners tightened the screws on GGT’s batting order. Their economic bowling exacerbated GGT’s problems, making it tough for them to score freely.

Even GGT’s captain, Mooney, couldn’t withstand the strain and fell prey to MIW’s continuous bowling attack. Gardner tried to counterattack but lost her wicket in the process.

Despite the losses, GGT had some relief from a tenacious 48-run partnership for the eighth wicket between Bryce and Kanwar.

Their gallant effort instilled a sense of renewal into GGT’s innings, as they added some critical runs to their total.

However, MIW’s Ismail and Kerr remained a menace, bringing up key wickets with outstanding bowling figures of 3 and 4, respectively.

Second Innings – MIW chase

Chasing a below-par score set by GGT, MIW’s openers had some early setbacks, losing both their wickets quickly.

However, with no serious scoreboard pressure, MIW maintained their composure as they slowly increased their innings. Kanwar and Mooney’s outstanding collaboration resulted in Sciver-Brunt’s run-out dismissal, but MIW captain Harmanpreet Kaur stayed composed under pressure.

With Kerr by her side, Harmanpreet Kaur led the chase and anchored MIW’s innings with a calm 66-run partnership.

Despite losing a couple of wickets suddenly, Kaur remained composed and led her team to win with her intelligent batting effort. She stayed undefeated till the end, leading MIW to a comfortable victory with 11 balls to spare.

Concluding remarks

The Mumbai Indians Women have again demonstrated their dominance in the WPL 2024 with a convincing victory over the Green Gladiators Team.

Their outstanding bowling effort, headed by Ismail and Kerr, established the groundwork for their victory, while Harmanpreet Kaur’s captain’s knock secured a straightforward chase and a win for MIW.

With such great results, MIW has solidified their position as one of the tournament’s frontrunners, assuring their opponents of their potential and competence.

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