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Multan Sultans replaces Ihsanullah with Ali Majid Shah

Multan Sultans have made a critical choice as they prepare for the remaining matches of the HBL PSL 9. Let us go into the details of this story.

Multan Sultans have picked Ali Majid Shah as their substitute for crucial bowler Ihsanullah. Ihsanullah is out with an elbow injury. This move comes as the league enters its critical period.

Ihsanullah, a key part of the team, underwent elbow surgery in September 2023. The 21-year-old has been actively engaging in practice sessions. However, the team’s medical staff has yet to deem him ready for match play.

Multan Sultans will miss Ihsanullah, who had a great performance in the last PSL season. As the second top wicket-taker in PSL 8, Ihsanullah demonstrated his talent by taking 22 wickets in 13 matches. He proved to be an invaluable asset to the squad.

Ali Majid Shah has taken over Ihsanullah’s role, and he is now responsible for filling the hole left by the injured pacer. With the season nearing its conclusion, Ali Majid Shah’s presence injects new energy and optimism into the Multan Sultans camp.

As Multan Sultans grapple with the obstacles brought by Ihsanullah’s absence, the entrance of Ali Majid Shah provides a ray of hope. It demonstrates the team’s perseverance and versatility as they work to overcome challenges and emerge triumphant in the remaining stages of PSL 9.

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