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Rashid Khan joins PSL 2024

Rashid Khan, one of the best T20 bowlers in the world right now, will join Lahore Qalandars in their match against the Quetta Gladiators.

This is a massive addition to the already strong bowling lineup of the defending champions. On the other hand, they lost one of their players Liam Dawson due to an injury. Dawson’s incident is not the first time injuries have affected the HBL PSL.

The PSL Schedule 2024 timetable is here.

Rashid Khan joins the party!

Rashid Khan, arguably the best T20 bowler in the world right now, joins the strongest bowling lineup of HBL PSL 9.

He arrived in Pakistan on Monday. The Lahore Qalandars welcomed the bowling all-rounder on their social media platforms.

Without a doubt, Rashid is a crucial player, and his addition increases the winning chances of any team he is part of. But can Lahore celebrate his addition when they lost an All-rounder like Liam Dawson? Let’s talk about this story.

Liam Dawson was ruled out 🙁

Liam Dawson joins the unlucky ones ruled out of HBL PSL 8 due to injury. This season of the tournament is filled with injuries. Franchises find it hard to manage their teams when these things ruin the balance.

No doubt, franchise cricket is profitable for the players as well. Playing as much franchise cricket as a player can be a lucrative option since who doesn’t want more money? But, because of that, players forget workload management and get injured.

Dawson got injured in the Lahore Qalandars 2024 Team v Karachi Kings PSL 9 match. We will update you as soon as the Lahore Qalandars team management announces something.

Final words

While Lahore suffers a blow in the form of Dawson, they get Rashid, who probably won’t even let them think about it twice. There is no doubt that with Rashid’s addition, Lahore’s bowling will be unplayable. Quite the nightmare for the bowlers. Let’s see how the thing plays out.

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