Is the India vs. Pakistan match cancelled?

Dark clouds loom over the India vs. Pakistan match. The first innings watch stopped twice because of the rain. However, the ground staff and match officials quickly got the innings back on track. India scored 266 in 48.5 overs as the Pakistani pace attack took all the wickets.

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Now, Pakistan is waiting for their turn to bat and chase this target, but the rain is back, and delaying the play.

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Is the match cancelled?

The rain doesn’t seem to go away right now. The ground staff covered the whole stadium during the innings break. But the covers were taken off as the rain had stopped. However, the rain is back and may wash away the match.

During this fiasco, people are also talking about the DL method and what could be the target if the overs are reduced.

Let us give you an idea.

Number of oversTarget

It should be noted that the match officials cannot reduce the number of overs below 20. Otherwise, it cannot be considered a match. And they have to wait till 10:30 to take the match down to 20 overs.

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This also means that if there is any delay beyond the mentioned time frame, this match will be abandoned and each team will get one point.

Quite a bummer after Pakistan and India have provided such a thrilling show. But don’t worry, we will bring you all the updates for the match on 10 September as well.

Let’s hope for the best.

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