WIPL 2024: RCB Women start their training

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) women’s squad has begun practising before the first season of the Women’s Premiere League (WPL).

The club hopes to make a solid start to the competition. In this blog, we’ll look at RCB’s championship training, the players and coaching team, and the enthusiasm around the WPL. RCB will try to create their imprint in the league and draw more fans to the sport with a solid leadership group, seasoned foreign players, and a great coach.

RCB Women Start Their Training at Chinnaswamy Stadium Ahead of WPL Inaugural Season

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) women’s team has begun practising at Bangalore’s famous Chinnaswamy Stadium before the debut season of the Women’s Premiere League (WPL), which begins on Saturday. RCB will take on Delhi Capitals in their inaugural game on Sunday, and the squad is eager to make a solid start to the competition.

Players and Training

RCB has uploaded a video of players practising on their social media accounts. Vellaswamy Vanitha, an Indian player, spoke about how her cricketing adventure began in Bangalore at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. She also mentioned how she was once a ground ball girl. Vanitha, who has previously represented India, will be trying to make an impression at the WPL.

On the other hand, South Africa’s Dan van Niekerk and Australia’s Erin Burns spoke about their experiences with future Indians and how they are enthusiastic about the competition and competing for RCB. Both van Niekerk and Burns have solid global experience, and their inclusion in the squad will be critical to RCB’s hopes in the event.

Leadership and Coaching

Earlier this month, the franchise appointed Indian superstar Smriti Mandhana as captain and tennis legend Sania Mirza as a coach. Mandhana is one of India’s most successful female cricketers, and her guidance will be critical to RCB’s victory. Mirza, one of India’s most accomplished tennis players, will advise and encourage them as they face new obstacles in a new event.

Australian Ben Sawyer has been named coach of RCB. Sawyer, 45, is also the head coach of the Birmingham Phoenix in The Hundred. He has also been the coach of the Sydney Sixers in the Women’s Big Bash League and the assistant head coach of the Australian women’s squad. Sawyer’s expertise in coaching top-level women’s cricket will be useful to RCB as they prepare to fight against some of the finest clubs in the nation.

Excitement for the WPL

The Women’s Premier League, which looks to be a key differentiator for women’s cricket in India, is generating much buzz. The competition will allow the greatest female cricketers in the nation to display their talent and play against one another in a high-profile event. The competition is anticipated to garner significant interest and introduce more followers to the sport with the support of prominent franchises like RCB.


The RCB women’s squad has begun practising at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, and the girls are excited about the forthcoming Women’s Premier League. With a solid coaching team, seasoned overseas players, and a good coach, RCB will look to have a great start to the competition and gain momentum as they progress. The Women’s Premier League (WPL) sets out to be an entertaining event for fans of women’s cricket, and RCB will be eager to put on an excellent performance for their fans as they take against the finest teams in the country.

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