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The cool and calm Imad

Some cricketers thrive best under pressure. Imad Wasim, Islamabad United’s all-rounder, demonstrates this with his calm and cool attitude on the pitch. His latest match-winning effort versus Peshawar Zalmi in the PSL 9 eliminator demonstrated his calm and collected mindset under pressure. Let’s see how legends like Wasim Akram praise Imad Wasim

Wasim Akram’s praise for Imad Wasim

Islamabad United lost early wickets against Peshawar Zalmi, who set a huge target. Things seemed bleak when they were 21-3 in just over three overs.

But Imad Wasim’s calm demeanour changed everything. Cricket star Wasim Akram lauded Imad for his calm demeanour. Even with the squad struggling and a large objective to chase, Imad was calm and focused.

Imad did more than simply score runs; he also played calmly and strategically. His performance of 59 runs off 40 balls demonstrated his development as a cricketer.

He also developed an important connection with Haider Ali. Imad’s calm demeanour and astute batting helped Islamabad United win. His collaboration with Haider Ali was critical to turning the game around and achieving victory.


Imad Wasim’s coolness under pressure distinguishes him as an important player for Islamabad United. As they approach the final, everyone will be waiting to see if Imad will guide his side to victory with his calm and cool temperament.

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