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Hello Cricket lovers, do you searching and finding the new upcoming Bangladeshi t20 league that will start at the end of each year, so many of them wanna know about the bpl schedule 2023, so,  this platform “cricketworlds.net” is the right place for all of you but especially for BPL fans. We also updated PSL Schedule 2023 PDf.

Here in this post, I will be telling you about the Bangladesh Premier League Schedule & BPL 2023 Fixtures that will be started from 06 December to the end. So, a total of 52 games will be played for this full primer league.

we updated BPL points table 2023 as well.

BPL Schedule 2023

Here in this section, all BPL lovers wanna know when bpl started, mean BPL starting date? and bpl complete schedule with the date by date and day by day, So all of you need this article complete till the end.

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But Before you know how many teams in BPL, with names, so total of seven teams are contributed for this bpl T20 league, that’s names are on famous cities names of Bangladesh. bangladesh premier league teams. Also, teams are short term

  1. Chattogram Challengers ( CC )
  2. Sylhet Thunders (ST)
  3. Khulna Tigers (KT)
  4. Rangpur Rangers (RR)
  5. Raj Shahi Royals (RSR)
  6. Dhaka Platoon (DP)
  7. CumillaWarriors (CW)

Bangladesh Premier League

No.Match ( A Vs B )DateTime(PM)Stadium
1CC Vs ST11 Dec 202212:30Dakha
2CW Vs RR05:20
3DP Vs RSR12 Dec 202212:30
4KT Vs CC05:20
5ST Vs RSR13 Dec 202202:00SBNCS
6DP Vs CW07:00
7RR Vs CC14 Dec 202212:30
8DP Vs ST05:20
9KT Vs RSR17 Dec 202212:30Chattogram
10CC Vs ST05:20
11CW Vs RR18 Dec 202212:30
12DP Vs CC05:00
13KT Vs RR20 Dec 202202:00
14CC Vs CW07:00
15KT Vs ST21 Dec 202212:30ZACS
16CC Vs RR05:20
17DP Vs CW23 Dec 202212:30
18KT Vs RSR05:30
19DP Vs ST24 Dec 202212:30
20CW Vs RSR05:30
21CC Vs DP25 Dec 202202:00Dhaka
22KT Vs RR07:00
23CW Vs RSR26 Dec 202212:30
24KT Vs ST05:30
25ST Vs RR30 Dec 202212:30SBNCS
26DP Vs RSR05:30
27CC Vs CW31 Dec 202212:30
28RR Vs RSR05:30
29RR Vs RSR02 Jan 202212:30Sylhet
30ST Vs CW05:30
31DP Vs KT03 Jan 202202:00
32ST Vs RR07:00SICS
33CC Vs KT04 Jan 202212:30
34ST Vs RSR05:00
35ST Vs CW07 Jan 202212:30Dhaka
36CC Vs RSR05:30
37KT Vs CW08 Jan 202212:30
38DP Vs RR05:30
39DP Vs RR10 Jan 202202:00
40KT Vs CW07:00
41CC Vs RSR11 Jan 202212:30
42KT Vs DP05:30SBNCS
43Eliminator(3rd Vs 4th)13 Jan 202212:30
441st Qualifier(1st Vs 2nd)05:30
452nd Qualifier(loser 44 Vs winner 43)15 Jan 202205:30
46Final (Winner 44 Vs Winner 45 )17 Jan 202205:30

BPL Venue

BPL Venue has been scheduled for the BPL session, so here given you details BPL stadiums where all matches will be played.

  1. Dhaka
  2. Sylhet
  3. Chittagong

Most Important Matches In BPL

These Five Matches like BPL Fixtures are very important and played among the famous teams of Bangladesh primer league 2022, So,  all bpl matches are discussed & shown by this link https://cricketworlds.net/

  • Khulna Titans Vs Dhaka Dynamites
  • Comilla Victorians Vs Chitta gong Vikings
  • Rangpur Riders Vs Rajshahi Kings
  • Dhaka Dynamites Vs Comilla Victorians
  • Rajshahi Kings Vs Khulna Titans

BPL Semifinal Match

Here in this section, I will be discussing the two most important matches for Bangladeshi fans and bpl lovers that’s are two BPLsemifinals matches that are played among the four teams.

BPL 1st Semifinal


BPL Final Match

So, 2 Jan 2023, is the most favorite for cricket lovers and especially for BPL lovers, because that’s the day a big BPL final was played between two dangerous & famous teams. we updated PSL Schedule PDF.

I Hope, this article ” BPL Schedule is very interesting and informative for you and BPL fans, so if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues. We also updated IPL 2023 Schedule PDF.

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