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Darren Sammy backs the Zalmis

Darren Sammy, the current head coach of Peshawar Zalmi, was disappointed with the team’s batting performance in their previous encounter against Karachi Kings. Despite the defeat, Sammy stays positive and expects his team to recover stronger. Let’s look at his ideas and the path forward for Peshawar Zalmi.

Not happy with the performance

Following the match, Darren Sammy discussed how his side struggled with the bat. He believes they should be less reckless when they bat.

Even though they lost, Sammy commended Babar Azam for a solid innings. He also complimented Babar for achieving a major milestone in his cricket career.

Sammy said that Peshawar Zalmi did not score enough runs in their match against Karachi Kings. He believes they need to improve their partnership-building and run-scoring consistency.

He pointed out that Peshawar Zalmi underperformed during the match. Sammy wants the squad to perform better during this phase of the game and score more runs.

Looking forward to better performances

Despite the loss, Sammy remains hopeful. He believes in the team’s ability to recover from this setback. He wants the players to stay focused and do their best.

Sammy urges the squad to focus on their long-term objectives. He believes they have a decent chance of succeeding in the competition provided they remain positive and work hard.

Sammy mentioned that they would adjust the batting order. He wants every player to contribute and assist the club win games.

Darren Sammy’s support for Peshawar Zalmi demonstrates his belief in the squad. Even though they lost, he believes they can improve in the next matches.

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